Endangered Whales: Know the main threats against these creatures

There are many endangered species of whales, due to  different reasons. The indiscriminate hunt they are  victim of , as well as  the attack of predators are listed as their main threats.

endangered whales: whales´hunting

Main Threats.

Since the beginning of the massive hunting of whales,  without existing any effective control; many enterprises have been  benefited, making big amounts of money in the market, regardless of what types of whales they hunt.

The most affected are  the baleen whales, since their rich meat is highly consumed in many countries. Many whales, are not easy to capture, because of their big size ( blue whales for example), or the areas where they inhabit, and these are the only protective measures they have. In spite of the efforts of the International Whaling Commission since 1966 ( see article blue whales),  we still have to work together to preserve these wonderful specimens..

 How many species are endangered?

It is estimated, that there are approximately 15 different endangered species of whales

, with only 5 of them having an alarming threat index.

    • Humpback whale,
    • The boreal whale,
    • The blue whale,
    • The southern whale
    • Sperm whale

These species listed  above belong to the red list of endangered whales.

Main Threatening Factors against Whales.

Most of the threatens against the whales are given by human factors. Several conservation  foundations, which are concerned about their welfare, have developed campaigns for their preservation. Pollution also plays an important role in this issue, because the large spills of chemicals in the oceans, and oil drilling in the areas where they live; which  have caused a great annual loss of these wonderful specimens.

The global warming affects in great proportions, the types of whales that like to live in the arctic zones, affecting their habitat permanently. Natural predators don´t  go unnoticed, the Orcas  also influence on its disappearance.

Conservation of Whales.

It has been proposed for many years, to create laws that regulate in some countries; the uncontrolled hunting and fishing of whales.  Many of these countries adduce, that their economies may result affected; however the right measures have already been taken, and the desired results are underway.

Regarding pollution, it is essential to alert the industries about becoming aware of whales in danger of extinction; not only because they pollute the seas in a huge way, but because they help Global Warming to increase over the years.


Finally we have this illustrative video for you about the risks for these species…..

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