Sunflower Starfish: All you need to know about the biggest starfish

The sunflower starfish are known in the scientific field as Pycnopodia helianthoides, and they are asteroid echinoderms. These starfish are excellent predators and they usually inhabit the waters located in the coasts of the northwest area of ​​North America. General Description of the Sunflower Starfish There is no doubt that the most striking feature of … Leer más

Mediterranean Red Starfish: A lovely and very attractive starfish.

In the following article, we will talk about the Mediterranean Red Starfish, or Echinaster sepositus, in scientific terms, whose stunning red color delights anyone who sees them. Characteristics of the Mediterranean Red Starfish These starfish usually have 5 thin arms with tiny spines disorderly arranged on the dorsal surface. In rare cases, they can have … Leer más

Crown-Of-Thorns Starfish: Everything you should know about them

Today we will talk a little about the Crown-of-thorns Starfish or Acanthaster planci, in scientific terms. This article is designed to offer you an accurate and summarized information about this strange starfish, whose venomous thorns are the main reason of  their name. Main characteristics of  the Crown-of-Thorns Starfish The starfish are distinctive symbols of the … Leer más

Starfish: Characteristics, reproduction, habitat, types and more

In this opportunity you will know everything related to the starfish, one of the most fascinating and beautiful marine species, whose striking color delight anyone. Main Characteristics of The Starfish The starfish are invertebrate creatures, which make up a large group of marine species, where cucumbers and sea urchins are probably the most common. It … Leer más

Red Cushion Starfish: Everything you need to know about this species

Red cushion sea stars on sandy ocean floor, Dominican Republic

The Red Cushion Starfish are also known as West Indian Sea Star, or Oreaster Reticulatusin scientific terms. This echinoderm belongs to the Oreasteridae family. This species of starfish has about 5 broad arms (even 7 arms in some occasions); which project from a broad cushioned disc. Red Cushion Starfish General Description The Red Cushion Starfish is easy to … Leer más