Purple Squid: Meet this weird and striking creature

The purple squid is one of the most recent species that has been found in the depths of the ocean, since its discovery was made  in 2016 by the E / V Nautilus that was off the coast of the Southern California area.

After this  incredible discovery, this squid was named for scientists as ‘Rossia pacifica’; since its habitat is between the areas that make up the Pacific Ocean, from Japan to southern California.

On the other hand, among other important aspects of this new species; it has been concluded  that this animal develops at a depth of about 300 meters, although in some uncommon cases they can also be located  at  depths of up to  1,300 meters. 

Other references that were obtained in a short time; showed that this squid has the ability to change  its color, when it is in situations where it is threatened.

In turn, the purple squid is also able to coat its body with a sticky mucous layer as a defense

. In the same way, in relation to the above, it was determined that this purple squid has only 11 centimeters of total length; and as for the measurements of the mantle, it has a reference of about 5 centimeters. Within this discovery was also attributed the name of Stubby squid.

Discovery of the Purple Squid

To understand all that entails the discovery of this species of purple squid, we should understand everything about  the E / V Nautilus;  which is  a ship that is employed for scientific exploration of various marine species.

In one of their expeditions they found this  peculiar purple squid. In addition to having found the famous squid that they made known through a video, also found more species that were later taken as a study.

Among the investigations that emerged from the recent discovery of the purple squid, several researchers said that it is a species that is related to the cuttlefish. Its popularity is because of its appearance , and it is so popular that many media classified it as cartoonish   compared to other known squid species.

purple squids a lovely acreature

Viral On Social Networks

Now, it is important to point out that after this surprising discovery was made known  by the vessel E / V Nautilus, several  communication medias worldwide  made this news even more viral due to the appearance of this peculiar purple squid on them.

For this reason the video that shows part of its appearance, was broadcasted  in various media with different headlines that alluded to its appearance.

Among these headlines highlighted «They discover a purple squid that looks like a toy» or «The Rossia Pacifica, the squid that looks like a cartoon. Therefore,  because of the stunning appearance of this  creature, the impressive news caused a sensation in the main social networks, where the video of this purple squid became viral.

The video was  so shocking,  than  in a few hours it had  more than 400 thousand reproductions on You Tube.

 The Purple Squid Appearance

There are many reasons why it is easy to identify the purple squid. At first , what stands out from this mollusk,  is undoubtedly its ‘bulging eyes’ which look painted –on,   as was described by multiple media and people who had the opportunity to watch the video.

At the same time, the intense purple color  of its body, is also very striking. Other references to the appearance of this animal , is that one of the researchers who was part of the discovery referred to the mollusk at first «as if a child had dropped his stuffed toy at the depth of the ocean.»

On the other hand ,it can also be said that its appearance in general resembles the appearance of the most recognized species of octopus,,but according to various studies and the opinion of  specialists, the purple squid has more similarities to cuttlefish.

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