Illex Squids: Everything you need to know about this species

The illex squids  are  also known as  Argentine pota,   and  their scientific name  is Illex Argentinus.

This cephalopod mollusk , is part of the Ommastrephidae family, and it is very popular in the country of Argentina , where huge amounts of this species  are exported every year. This species  is quite coveted and consumed in many others countries.

There are few people who know about this species, and they  eat it; but they have no idea  about some relevant aspects of it. Today we are talking about the best seasons; to fish these squids and some others interesting facts  about them.

Main Features of The Illex Squids

The  illex squid is characterized by having strong fins and mantle; and long arms.In this species there are certain differences between genres, since males have longer arms than females, and bigger muscular development.

Another important aspect within the main characteristics of illex squids, is that all the animals that make up this species have their tentacles, separated;  this way there are eight rows of suckers ( syphons ) on the dactyl.

It is also important to point out,  that the life expectancy of illex squid , is about  1 year,  according to several researches.. Then, in a more specific approach it can be said that they live between 157 and 365 days approximately.

Reproduction Of The Illex Squids

Regarding the illex squid reproduction process, first of all it should be noted that the process for fertilization is carried out internally in the organism of these animals, in this way illex squid males proceed to copulate only with the females of this species that are in a mature age.

Then, the first step is to transfer the spermatophores to the cavity that is in the mantle, through one of its extremities (the hectocotile), so that they are fixed in the base of the gills, or in another place as for example in the areas close to the oviductal glands.

In relation to the above, another important aspect that stands out in the illex squids reproduction process; is that males of this species reach their maturity at younger ages;  compared to females. On the other hand, it is known that during this process the fertilization of at least 10,000 and up to 100,000 Illex squid eggs,  is carried out inside a kind of gel that is  secreted by the so-called nidamental glands.

In the same order of ideas it is important to consider that the  illex squid is usually born in the summer season, specifically between the months of January and April.

 Alimentation Habits Of  The Illex Squids

The diet of the Illex squid is based mainly on a great variety of species of crustaceans, fish, and certain squids. In general, these animals only consume small animals, for this reason it is rare for them to consume a very large prey. They are known by consuming  preys  of  14 centimeters maximum in size,

Illex Squids Fishing

The ilex squid  is recognized for its abundant fishing, especially in Some south America countries such as Argentina .

The references in this regard ,is that of the total of the species present in the fishing fleet of the Argentinean country, an average of 75% belongs to the illex squid, which positions it as one of the most important species for the economy of the country.  In turn,  the biggest portion of approximately more than half, is destined to Europe, specifically to Spain.

A luxury dish

Despite the unsophisticated  appearance of the illex squid, it is employed in the menus  of the most luxurious restaurants

So, if you are a person, who has tried this kind of squid, you can feel very proud.

So, it is a good advantage to know how to prepare this creature, since as mentioned above, there are few places where they are sold.  Their consumption is considered a luxury, since they  are fished in specific months, and many people, have to wait to enjoy this delight.

The truth is that there are many ways to prepare them, there are those who do it with rice, as if it were a kind of paella, and the truth is that they are really delicious.

illex squids grilled

There are also people, who prefer them grilled or fried, as mentioned above, and the truth is that  the potatoes chips are the  best company of a fried dish, that is why, if you have the opportunity to eat them that way, you really have to try them.

We can´t forget those who prepare the pota roasted, which is also an excellent way to enjoy this species.

There are those who risk a little more and they do it in soup, as I mentioned before, that depends on the person who does it, and on the occasion that it is.

Although,  if you eat this meal in a restaurant, the grilled and the fried presentations, will be the most common

Finally Let´s learn how to fish the pota


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