Glass Squids: Main facts about these stunning creatures.

The glass squids belong to the family Cranchiidae , and they are also known as cranch squids.  These  strange and flashy creatures; deserve all the attention you can give them.

These strange marine creatures, are characterized by having  bulging eyes, a swollen body and short arms, and some others features, that make of them really attractive and different from others squids.

Teuthowenia Pellucida

As many of us know, the scientific name of all animals is almost unpronounceable; and that of the glass squid is not far behind. However, it is always good to know everything about the species we are studying

Characteristics Of The Glass Squids

The glass squid is a blue creature, but transparent, that is;  that it may seem a bit bluish, as we mentioned earlier.  It has bulging eyes,  which is the most striking feature in them.

Its size is approximately about 180 millimeters,  characterized by  having a thickness in its mantle, of a  few centimeters, just like the pota .  The female glass squid   is a little larger than the male.

These creatures  have ten tentacles, eight of them are small, and the two most prominent are those at the end of their bodies

The only member of their bodies  which can be clearly seen , is their  stomachal gland. The best way for them to defend themselves,  is by swallowing a lot of water, as a result, they become much  larger than usual, which makes them much more threatening. So, if you observe , a glass squid a little bigger than its size; it  is because it is its way of defending itself against its possible threats.

Another way to escape from those who want to stalk him;is using a jet impulse. This has the effect of making them  able to get away from them,

Let´s keep learning about these lovely creatures


Habitat Of The Glass Squids

They are mostly found in the pacific south; approximately 900 meters under the sea, even at  depths of  1600 meters , when they reach their mature age.

Visually they are very similar to the firefly squid ,  which is known for lighting the sea, in a sort of spectacle for all the people who can see it. On the contrary, the glass squid does not illuminate; but there are many similarities on their bodies.

Reproduction Of The Glass Squids

The females lay their eggs in numerous large groups, in the plants or rocks, located in the bottom of the sea. The squids that are deposited, grow very fast, as mentioned above they grow and mature reaching roughly 190 millimeters in length. The females can have up to 700 eggs, and the most incredible thing of all, is that they can be seen through their  bodies, since they are totally visible.

glass squids . reproduction

Light In Their Eyes

Like the firefly squids ,  most glass squids have lighting organs on the underside of their eyes  ( the so-called photophore), which allows  them to have light in them, and  to be seen and differentiated in the dark.  Without this feature,  it would be impossible to see them , because they are totally  transparent.

That means, that these species are quite  similar, however the glass squids don´t perform  shows at sea for tourists. Although  they use those photophores,  for being recognized in those moments when nobody can see them .

The Transparency of  their  bodies, is one of the best features of  the glass squids, which  in addition of making of them very striking, it also allows them to go unnoticed  when they are searching their food.  This characteristic makes of them  a little different from others squid.

We already know many things about the crystal squids, however if you want to go further, it would be  necessary to observe a small video, so that we can all appreciate, these strange creatures of the sea which have been the true protagonists of this article.

We hope you  can take advantage of all the information provided.


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