Everything You Should know about White Shrimps

Today we are talking about the White Shrimps, we hope the information provided in the following article, could be as useful as you need , in order to clear up any doubt.
White Shrimp

Meet the White Shrimps

There are many people, who really enjoy every time they eat White Shrimps, but they don’t know absolutely anything about them , so today, you’ll learn everything you need about this delicious dish , as for example theirs characteristics and more .
Its scientific name as well as all the animals, is very difficult to pronounce, Litopenaeus vannamei, but it’s good to know its original name , so you’ll be learning differents topics every day; in this case about this specie which is not uncommon, but few people know about them .
White Shrimps belong to the Penaeidae family , they are mostly located in the Mexican area of the Pacific Ocean and in the northeast of Peru.

White shrimps
Adults live on the bottom of shallow muddy waters, which depth can vary from 6 meters to 70 meters., relatively close to the shore, you won’t need to swim too much to appreciate them.
Adults White Shrimps, live in marine environments, while youngs White Shrimps tend to live in brackish waters, as for example in estuaries.
The ideal temperature for them is 20 0 C


White shrimps may reach about 250 millimeters, this means they are not very large, anybody can calmly grab them with only one hand.

White Shrimps
The measure of their shell is around 90 mm, which obviously means ,that it doesn’t cover their entire body, only the upper side, which is to say their back .
Their color tend to be lightly white, though there are also yellowish specimens . The portion of the body covered by the shell is much darker than the rest of the body .
They have eight upper teeth and two lower teeth.
White Shrimps are not as attractives for people as Ghost or Crystal Shrimps, which are highly eye-catching , and people have them as pets, becoming really appreciated by their owners , in spite they live less than 10 years.


White shrimps are also the target of many fishers throughout their habitat, not only in one country, but in many, since they are highly demanded in markets. There are many people who just love this food.
The lowering of the waters at the coasts where the White Shrimps live, is also a huge threat.

As We mentioned at the beginning of the article, and as you could see in the pictures placed throughout it , White Shrimps are not enough attractives for humans beings.
This disadvantage as well as their wonderful taste , is the reason why most people prefer to eat these creatures, making delicious recipes.

Now we leave a video about these creatures, we hope you enjoy it and you have learned a lot, with the information supplied.

They can be accompanied with pasta, as you could see in the previous picture, although that is not the only option, since it can also be stewed, employed in sauces , with rice, there is high range of options.
The soup made of White Shrimps, has such a peculiar taste that many people just love it ; and when you add a pinch of lemon to that soup, you could taste a delicious dish that can only be offered by the Sea.

White Shrimps There are many things about White Shrimps that you surely had no idea , and we showed them throughout the article. We talked about the characteristics of this specie at the beginning of the article, and we finished talking about its wonderful taste.

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