Ghost-Crystal Shrimps: Everything you should know about them

In this article we’ll show you , everything  you should know about the Ghost-Crystal Shrimps,  which  needs special care when maintained in captivity.

Ghost –  Crystal Shrimps

As I mentioned above, there are many people who like Ghost Shrimps, and enjoy having  them at home, but they don´t know how to take care of these creatures,  in order to have them without complications.  In this article, I´ll  give you useful tips .

So you can give your new pet the life he deserves , after being moved from his natural habitat, and getting adapted to new situations. Therefore, you have to do it as good as possible.

This shrimp is a freshwater animal and is one of the most interesting species, that people can have at home as a pet.

They are visually similar to the jumbo shrimp,  though this is not transparent. The most outstanding characteristic of Ghost Shrimps, is the transparency  of their bodies , and in the case of females, the eggs are easy to see when they are in the stage of reproduction, , which make this species even more interesting. If you want to have an idea of this quality look in the following picture

As you can see, there are small balls in their womb, which are not actually  «balls», but offspring inside of them, and this is the best way to differentiate a female from a male, when she  is on  reproduction stage.

Their natural habitat   are freshwaters, or more humid places. Now  that we talked a little bit about Ghost Shrimps, it is necessary to go to the main  topic of this article….


It is not necessary to have a large aquarium   to maintain Crystal Shrimps in good conditions, a small one  of 3 liters of water will be enough. But keep in mind  that these  shrimps tend to be aggressive  when they become adults, so  you might need  to change the size of the tank,  for  a bigger one.


The aquarium must have a filter,( as you can see in the picture,)  which is useful for cleaning purposes, and to guarantee a good life to your pets’ house.

Ghost shrimps also need an aerator, but don’t panic, since it is usually quite  affordable, you can get in  cheap prices, remember that the most important  aspect , is to  ensure a good life your new aquatic pet.

The ideal temperature, so they can live happy and peacefully, would be of 20 to 28 degrees, precautions should be taken in order to keep the small Aquarium, in this temperature range.

Since the natural habitat of Ghost-Crystal Shrimps, is mostly  located in deep places, it is a good idea to put a lot of sand or gravel in your tank,  to help shrimps to feed better since they wait for waste or food to fall , and hence be able to eat them.

Feeding Ghost Shrimps

You should always keep in mind, that you must feed them  at least two times a day, because they eat very fast, and they tend to do it in just a few minutes; therefore you must drop a big portion of food  in the tank, so they’ll  just have to  wait and eat it calmly.


You should also use many aquatic plants in the Aquarium, as well as  sand or gravel, as you appreciate  in the pictures that have been placed throughout the article. Ghost shrimps are always  surrounded by many of them, so this is  a really important point.

You can have others fish to make company to your Ghost-Crystal Shrimps,  but try to keep the small ones away, because they don´t have enough abilities to survive.

It is important to know  that ghost shrimps don´t live for a long time, 2 years at  most.

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