Fish That Feed On Seaweeds: Everything you should know about them…

Fish that feed on seaweeds, are quite useful for those who have fish tanks or small aquariums at home. This practice contributes  to keep aquariums in good conditions  and free of pollutants.

This is a very interesting topic, especially for those who are thinking about selecting the best seaweeds to decorate their aquariums. Since not all of them are beneficial, the correct selection of fish becomes  important

Fish That Feed On Seaweeds: Siamese Fox
Siamese Fox

Recommended Fish  for Aquariums

A practical and easy way,  to control the growth of seaweeds in aquariums and fish tanks, is to have in them fish that feed on these organisms. These  creatures generally have a robust constitution, and they are also a good alternative to give color and keep these spaces clean.

There is a wide variety of fish that can be included;

Black Molly Fish

It is commonly known as black Mollinesia, it is one of the most decorative fish in tropical aquariums. He can exceed 10 centimeters

in length. They have an elongated and fusiform body. They present a beautiful opaque black color, although in some rare cases, the males may have a reddish or orange border on the upper part of the dorsal fin.

These are the most common, cheapest and easy to get. They are ideal when the aquarium is being formed, because while the plants grow and the other fish adapt, they do the job of keeping it clean.  It is recommended to not feed it at least during the first month, so they  can eat the Seaweeds that grow.

Otocinclus Fish

This is one of the smallest loricarid fish that exist. They have  a flat and spindle shaped belly, and are also characterized by having a sucker in their mouth which performs suction functions.  The Otocinclus    can measure up to 5 centimeters long . They have an adipose  fin and their vision is lateral. These small fish, according to some veterinarians warnings , must be purchased in groups, and  before  acquaring them you shoul  take into account , that they not only eat Seaweeds, but also other fish’s viscous layer Creating a real problem.

 Plecostomus  Fish

These  fish are characterized by  having  a back-ventrally flattened body. They can reach 30 to 50 cm in length,   having bony plates covering their bodies.

Their mouth in the form of suction cup, is another one of their characteristics.  The smallest  specimen are the best alternative for aquariums,  since if they are too large,  they will eat seaweeds and others plants..

Their life expectancy in these tanks is around 15 years. They require tanks of more than 200 liters of water and enough space to swim. The substrate must be thick so the fish do not drag it when swimming.

Fish that Feed on Seaweeds: Plecostomus Fish

Siamese Fox Fish

It is a resistant fish that prefers soft and slightly acid waters. It is characterized by having completely colorless fins.

This is one of the preferred varieties by people. Especially the Flying Fox class, which  also eats Red Seaweeds.

In order to keep these fish in proper conditions, the water must be slightly acid, and an extra supply of oxygen must be provided  . The tank must remain closed since as their  name implies, they tend to leave «flying» from the aquarium.

Farlowella Fish

These fish have several denominations, for example pen, catfish, rod, among other names that derive from their weird shape. They are  gregarious fish, very quiet and peaceful. They  feed on vegetable and need aquariums with a minimum of 100 liters, since  they reach a length of 20 cm.

It is also recommended to have plants and logs, inside the fish tank. They become  a big attraction, since they aren’t  timid so they catch the attention of anyone.

They are olive to yellowish brown color and the head of males is usually wider than in females, having also  small villi, which allow easy identification.

 Fish that Feed on  Seaweeds  in the Sea

Now you will learn  about fishes that can’t be placed in aquariums, but who also feed on marine seaweeds

Crescent Fish:

They are also known as Blue Bass or Blue Perch, because their upper side has this color. They can live near banks of seaweeds, in shallow waters.

Fish That Feed On Seaweeds. Crescent Fish

 Opal Eye:

It is another type of fish that lives in shallow reefs and beds of seaweed, and is also an omnivore. It is dark green, with two whitish yellow spots below its dorsal fin and the tail is almost square.

Opal Eye

Pacific Blue Tang:

They are known by the names of real tang, tang palette, hippopotamus fish or surgeonfish. They feed on Plankton, Seaweeds of all kinds; but they also like small insects that fly near the surface of the water.

Pacific Blue Tang

Finally we invite you to meet the Otocinclus Affiniss fish

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