Diatoms Algae : Uses, properties and much more about this species

The Diatoms Algae belong to the most common type of phytoplankton, thus they are unicellular  organisms that also belong to the group of brown seaweeds existing more than 20,000 species of  them.

These organisms  contribute to maintain the ecological balance, since they are used to verify water conditions, environmental conditions and other elements of their environments.

Marine Diatoms Algae

Learning about Diatoms Algae

This alga, is a type of photo synthesizer organism, which is part of the plankton. There are more than 20,000  known species, which can live either in marine or  freshwater areas. They can also be used in domestic  aquariums.

This type of alage can live freely or on substrates and rocks reproducing sexually or asexually. Its mobility is quite limited, but they take advantage of marine currents to displace. The bilateral diatom species, can move over substrates.

Diatoms are  especially important in the oceans, since they make up around 45% of the diet of many marine species. They can reproduce under any climatic condition; thus there are diatoms both in polar and tropical areas. Although they are mostly located, in polar regions and temperate waters.

Diatoms Algae in the Sea

Uses of Diatoms Algae

In the following section, you will find useful tips about how to use this marine specie  in  different scopes…

At Home

The diatomaceous earth is an organic compound, from the fossilized remains of diatoms seaweed and phytoplankton, which is characterized by its white color. Due to the high levels of silicon in this compound,  it’s really useful in any house, especially  for its properties as an insecticide and disperser of unpleasant odors. For toilets cleaning , place a small amount of this compound in powder form, and It will be a great ally to remove any dirt stuck to the porcelain.

This natural product,  doesn´t contain toxins which are harmful for human beings. But it’s highly effective as an  insecticide, ending  up with unpleasant insects;  you just have to sprinkle it through the cracks and corners,  where they usually pass.

A small amount of diatomaceous earth, will be enough to eliminate unpleasant odors in refrigerators and trash containers. It is also very effective to keep the mattress clean and free of mites , which can cause allergies.

Cosmetic Uses

Skin Care

You can use it as an Exfoliating Mask; you just have to blend a small amount of this powder  with milk, yogurt, chamomile or aloe. A smooth paste will be formed , spread it on your skin, and that’s all.  This paste removes dead cells, and  makes the skin soft and nourished.

Similarly, mix it  with your bath gel,  and you will get a smooth skin, free of dead cells .

Homemade Toothpaste: Mix it with oil coconut, and oil of essences of  peppermint and Glycerin  .

Finally, mix a tablespoon of powder of diatom in your favorite drink or simply water. This will help strengthen the hair, nails and keep your skin smooth and young.

Properties of Diatoms Algae

These Seaweed have a very important value, since they are quite used in agriculture. Diatoms, are characterized by having a hard layer of silica that covers them , which is called frustule. The fossilized frustules constitute what is known as diatomaceous earth, whose function is to fertilize and provide all kinds of nutrients to the soil. Likewise, they help to reconstitute lands, contaminated by heavy metals or hydrocarbons;  allowing to stop the toxic effects of these, and favoring the growth of healthy crops and plants.

On the other hand, diatomaceous earth is used as fertilizer and insecticide. Its compounds act on insects and parasites which are harmful to crops; producing their death by dehydration. This compound, is very appreciated in agriculture, since parasites do not create resistance as they would with chemicals products.

And above all, it is a natural and biodegradable product, which doesn’t generate toxicity for  humans or the environment.

 Something more about Diatoms Algae

As a curious fact, the Diatom Seaweed are  being studied to treat patients with cancer. This study consist of modifying the DNA of the diatoms, so that they can be coupled with the antibodies of these patients, and both cells can encapsulate the cancer cells. The objective of these studies,  is to reduce the side effects of the medical treatments for cancer, and above all, to prevent the high levels of toxicity that  occurs  in the body.

Although there are not  conclusive results yet, it would be a huge  step in order to  improve the quality of life of these people.

Diatoms Algae Action Against Cancer

The Diatom Alga has become a great ally for human beings, since it also has  all the benefits of   marine algae.  It allows to control the environmental conditions of a geographical area,  and to maintain the physical health of human beings .

Possibly for the not too distant future, algae replace many  drugs that now produce toxic effects. As well as  they will be part of the balanced diet of the human being.

Finally we give you this video, where you can find a brief information about Diatoms Algae for Human Health

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