Meaning of the Seahorses: What you don´t know yet

Let’s know the Meaning of  the seahorses; many people know  that  seahorses  belong to the Syngnathidae family, as well as some  others characteristics of these freshwater creatures.  Although most people don´t know yet, the meaning of the Seahorses.   In our today’s article we are  talking about this topic.    Keep reading and see what we have for you

Meaning of  the seahorses

The Meaning of  the seahorses are considered for many people,  as wonderful creatures that stand out from all others.  They have a special meaning for the Greeks, the Romans and the Asians.

The ancient Greeks used to believe , that seahorses were the gods of  Neptune Sea, that is why they were considered  powerful fish.

In Europe, they claimed that seahorses were  responsibles,  to take to the purgatory  the soul of the sailors  fallen  in the sea;  giving   them security and livelihood until  their final destination was decided.

The Chinese  believe  that  Seahorses  are a sort of sea dragons , representing a good luck symbol for them.

Importance in Antiquity

The Meaning of  the seahorses are  very important  pieces in Celtic legends,  they had  the responsibility of  creating links with other  worlds and dimensions.  They consider  seahorses as a sort of baby dragons.

Meaning of  the seahorses

The Sailors consider  seahorses as  good luck symbols, using them as  amulets, just like Chinese sailors.  Seahorses  are characterized for being very quiets , and have docile manners with humans.

For those two reasons, they are the symbol of peace and joy, since they have no hurry for anything, not even  when they are eating as  we explained before .

Knowing the alimentation habits of the seahorses,  leads  you to learn and understand some other characteristics  of these wonderful creatures

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