White Otters: Learn about these new and weird Otters

There is very little information about the albino or white otters, because they are very difficult to find. However we invite yout to read the information that we have gathered for you.

Their skins become highly valued and expensive in any market. Therefore, this results in all otter breeders having the ambition to get a specimen of this peculiar animal. In relation to the above, the task of finding an albino or white otter is complicated, since these animals are few, and in most countries only about 50 individuals are known.

In other options albino or white otters are considered, as a group of animals that have been the product of degenerative factors, although several specialists already consider them as a new species of otter, which contains well-marked aspects in its morphology in relation to the other known species.

Main Characteristics of White Otters

Fur: ​​

As for the few data collected from various investigations, albino or white otters are not completely white specimens as their name refers. These mammals also present yellowish hues in most of their body, while their belly is completely white.

In relation to the above, although in most cases they are animals with yellow tones, there are also records of totally white albino otters.

Eyes and Tail

On the other hand, we can mention that their eyes are brown and similar to the best known species of otters such as river otters . On the other hand in relation to their legs, they are blacks in the same way than their tails.

However, these data are not fully proven since individuals with white legs and tails have been also found.

In relation to the above, there are also references that provide different data in relation to the aforementioned body parts. For example, according to different researches we can mention at least 15 white otters that had a pink skin and as for the eyes the tones were red, similar to some species of rabbits.

white otters: they are small but aren't mices

How do White Otters Reproduce?

Regarding their reproduction, several studies applied to this species claim that albino otters for being uncommon, must mate with individuals of the same characteristics. These animals must be born as a result of the pairing of the same blood stream, that is, by fixing a direct line between the generations. This conclusion was reached thanks to the study applied at the Amambay hatchery, where some otters only had white spots when they did not have the direct inheritance of the blood type, therefore to present all the particular characteristics of an albino or white otter it would be necessary to maintain the kinship between the individuals.


Due to the few albino or white otter specimens specialists claim for the conservation of these animals, and one of the most important aspects is the proper reproduction of them. When they are in their natural environment, it is normal for these animals to mate among relatives, and this does not represent a degeneration of the species. In the case of otter farms, it must be supervised that the otter family reproduce in the best way, avoiding conflicts between the animals. It should also be avoided completely events such as abortions, injuries or even deaths.

In relation to the above, those responsible for the breeding of albino or white otters, must ensure a reproduction that can be made while preserving the kinship between the animals to ensure the conservation of this new species.

The conservation of this species is fundamental, since it has a shorter life period in relation to the other known species of otters, since these do not have enough resistance against pathogens.

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