White Otters: Learn about these new and weird Otters

There is very little information about the albino or white otters, because they are very difficult to find. However we invite yout to read the information that we have gathered for you. Their skins become highly valued and expensive in any market. Therefore, this results in all otter breeders having the ambition to get a … Leer más

Giant Otters: Characteristics,habitats, behavior and more.

The giant  otters  are carnivorous amphibian mammals, that  belong to the Pteronura  genus. In fact are  the only otters of this  genus, and  are the longest member of the mustelid family to which  also belong the water wolves. These South American otters ( Pteronura Brasiliensis) are the biggest in the world, reaching about 1.8 meters … Leer más

Eurasian Otters: Characteristcs, habitat, behavior and more

If you want to learn everything about the Eurasian  otters or Lutra Lutra, then don´t miss this opportunity. The Eurasian otters or European otters are  also known as Otter Palaearctic, although their scientific name is Lutra Lutra. This is a carnivorous mammal animal that belongs to the mustelidae family which ives in the aquatic environment, specifically in … Leer más

Sea Otters: Characteristics, types, habitas and more

It is time to learn all what you ever wanted about these beautiful and lovely creatures called sea otters Sea otters are semi-aquatic mammals belonging to the subfamily Lutrinae, and the Mustelidae family (the same of the weasels) and stand out for their playful behavior. It is important to note that this species is not … Leer más