Pink Octopus: Learn all about this interesting and even weird creature.

Meet the pink octopus, a species that doesn’t yet have a scientific name, but it may be called Opisthoteuthis adorabilis, in recognition to its loveliness,  due to its pink hue and childlike appearance. Know much more about him below.

Main Characteristics Of The Pink Octopus.

There is very little information that is currently available about this octopus but strangely enough they are characterized by having puppy eyes. They are an abyssal octopus, which means that they inhabit in the depths of the sea, at the bottom of the ocean. They thrive in the dark, cold and high pressure waters, where they also hunt.

They have a gelatinous body about 18 centimeters in diameter and are dropped as ‘parachutes’ in the water thanks to their eight legs joined together by a large membrane that resembles an umbrella. This specimen shares similarities with the so-called ‘Dumbo octopuses’ and other similar creatures that inspired the Octopus of Finding octopus : arms

Some people say the pink octopus looks like a ghost from the Pac-Man video game, but it’s anything but spooky. The small animal the size of a human fist lives between a range of temperatures between 6 and 8 celcius degrees.

The pink octopus Adorabilis is a close cousin of Opisthoteuthis California and is not the first to receive a strange species name. In 2011, a horsefly was called Scaptia beyonce in honor of the singer and actress Beyoncé.

The sea jellyfish Phialella zappai was named scientifically in honor of the rock singer Frank Zappa. Moreover, And quite impressive, the name of the dinosaur Tianchisaurus nedegoapeferima was formed from the names of the main stars of the 1993 movie «Jurassic Park» – Sam Ne ill, Laura De rn, Jeff Go lblum, Richard A ttenborough, Bob Peck, Martin Ferro, Ariana R i chards, and Joseph Ma zzelo.

Is the Pink Octopus Cousin Of Another Adorable Octopus?

As indicated earlier, the pink octopus, possibly called Opisthoteuthis adorabilis, is family of the octopus Opisthoteuthis californiana, which has served as inspiration for some caricatures, such as Finding Nemo. It has also inspired videogame developers one of them are the creators of Super Mario Odyssey, the enemy of Gushen is based on this species.

This relative of the pink octopus has hues that go from transparent to dark red and its maximum size is 20 cm of length. In addition they have eight articulated legs that are fixed together in the shape of an umbrella. It has a gelatinous body, which extends in the form of a parachute when maneuvering through water in low light.

Its depth range is located at 200 meters during its larval stage, and between 500 meters to 1500 meters, during its adulthood.

This species has been reported in Eureka Bar, California at 350 m. It has also been observed in Japan, in front of Kashima-Nada between 530 and 560 m. The family member of the pink octopus in the Bering Sea is also reported to the Okhotsk Sea, also in the center of Honshū, in the Pacific Northwest, and in southern California, in the northeastern Pacific.

This octopus hunts small fish and planktonic crustaceans. He develops his swim by moving his fins, pressing his webbed arms, pushing the water through his funnel for a jet propulsion at a time. We invite to read our article blanket octopuses, to learn about other types of octopuses

A marine biology researcher in California, was entrusted with the hard responsibility of deciding a name to summarize its beauty. Stephanie Bush, postdoctoral researcher at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, was the one who proposed the scientific name «Opisthotheusis Adorabilis» for this species currently only known as the flapjack octopus

«As responsible for describing the species, you can choose the specific name,» explained Bush. «One of the thoughts I had was to do Opisthoteuthis Adorabilis, because they are really cute.»

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