Pink Octopus: Learn all about this interesting and even weird creature.

Meet the pink octopus, a species that doesn’t yet have a scientific name, but it may be called Opisthoteuthis adorabilis, in recognition to its loveliness,  due to its pink hue and childlike appearance. Know much more about him below. Main Characteristics Of The Pink Octopus. There is very little information that is currently available about … Leer más

Blanket Octopuses: Characteristics, types, habits and more….

We invite you to learn about the blanket octopuses (Tremoctopus), which are a genus of cephalopod octopod mollusks, which contains four species (Tremoctopus violaceus, Tremoctopus gelatus, Tremoctopus gracilis and Tremoctopus robsoni) These invertebrates live in tropical oceans and owe their name to the large membranes that the females present, which can unfold from two of … Leer más

Hydras: Main characteristics of these inmortal creatures

Meet these wonderful creatures called Hydras, which are a genus of hydrozoas hydroids from the Hydridae family of freshwater. They measure a few millimeters and are predators that capture small prey with their tentacles loaded with stinging cells. The Hydras have an amazing power of regeneration and reproduce both sexually and asexually and are hermaphrodites. … Leer más

Sea Anemones: Characteristics, reproduction, habits and more.

This is your best opportunity to keep learning about all the marine species such as the sea anemones, which are members of the Actiniaria’s invertebrate order (class Anthozoa, phylum Cnidaria) and are characterized by being sedentary sea animals that resemble flowers. They are found from the tidal zone of all oceans to depths of more … Leer más