Electric Eels: Characteristics, alimentation habits, hábitats and more

The electric eels (Electrophorus electricus in scientific terms) are one of the most feared freshwater animals, since they have the incredible ability to generate electric shock through their body´s cells, which are overcoming stronger animals and even humans. What are Electric Eels? First of all we must mention that electric eels are fish that belong … Leer más

Mexican Axolotls: Characteristics, reproduction, hábitats and more.

Learn through this article all about the Mexican Axolotls which are a very peculiar species endemic to the country of Mexico. They are usually called walker fish, but they aren´t related to this species and they are actually salamanders. These creatures are related to the tiger salamanders. The name «Axolotl» comes from the Aztec language … Leer más

Sea Pigs. Characteristics, curiosities and more information about them

The sea pigs Scotoplanes globosa in scientific terms are in reality, a kind of sea cucumber, so they can be classified as echinoderms, a category to which sea urchins and starfish  also belong. keep with us to learn everything about them. Specifically, they belong to the genus Scotoplanes, a genus of deep sea cucumbers that … Leer más

Nomura’s Jellyfish : Characteristics, alimentation habits, uses and more.

The Nomura’s jellyfish, giant jellyfish or Nemopilema nomurai in scientific terms are the largest and heaviest jellyfish of their  kind,  so we recommend you to read this article  to learn all about these fascinating creatures. Their measurements can reach up to 3’5 meters in length and 200 kilograms in weight.  These huge animals are endemic … Leer más

Sea Pens: Learn about these interesting marine species.

In our tradition to offer the best information about all marine species, we have this article about sea pens for you. Thus, don´t lose this time to learn about all the wonders of the sealife. Sea pens are invertebrate creatures belonging to the Pennatulacea order, class Anthozoa (phylum Cnidaria), whose name comes from their resemblance … Leer más

Blue Ringed Octopus: Characteristics, behavior, reproduction and more

In order to show you more about different types of marine species we offer you this article about the interesting and even dangerous blue ringed octopus. The blue-ringed octopus is a genus called Hapalochlaena, which was described by a British zoologist named Guy Coburn Robson in 1929, to which four species belong. The commonly called … Leer más

Octopuses: Characteristics, habitats, reproduction and more

Learn through  this article all about the octopuses (order Octopoda), which are cephalopod molluscs, of which there are approximately 300 known species. Some of these creatures are consumed by humans, and their main feature is their eight arms. It is important to mention that their scientific name is Octopoda, which is derived from the ancient … Leer más