The Koi Fish legend: Learn this really beautiful and inspiring tail

If you want to know the koi fish legend, we invite you to read this fabulous article … so that you know even more about this really fabulous species.

The Koi Fish Legend: Koi Fish … What are They?

Koi fish are commonly referred to as koi, nishikigoi or simply koi carp. They are the most widespread ornamental fish in private garden ponds and public parks around the world.

However, due to their large size duringadulthood, koi fish aren’t suitable for home aquariums, except during their juvenile stages. We invite you to read our article koi fish to learn more about these striking fish…

The Koi Fish Legend

Long ago in the distant past, the water of the blue river that flowed from the sky and the golden river that flowed from the earth, were separated by the legendary Dragon portal.

The golden river, named because of the golden color of its waters, was the last place where the inhabitants of the sea could swim freely; since the Gods who walked on earth had destroyed their immense home believing themselves the true owners of everything that reached their eyes.

Among all the inhabitants of its waters, the Koi fish family was the most beautiful of all, they shone in the sunlight like shining stars.

The black one was Daddy Koi, the red one was Mommy Koi and her little son Koi stood out for a deep blue color.

What the little Koi fish most wanted was to reach the waters of the blue river because his father had told him that there was a time when there were no barriers between one place and another and the bravest dragon fish flew in the skies, like pearls illuminating all darkness.

The entrance was upriver and crossing the portal of the Dragon, you came to the Grand Cascade of the blue river. Anyone who arrived got golden wings to fly, thus becoming Dragon Fish. The little Koi fish, determined to find the Grand Cascade, set out to swim upstream against the current.

The other discouraged fish thought that it was easier to swim with the current and didn’t bother to discover what was beyond the waterfall since the earth walkers set traps to make fun of them.

Despite being such a strong current, the little Koi fish, making a great effort, fluttered as hard as he could. He advanced slowly but little by little he made his way and made his way through the river.

The noise of the splash caught the attention of the earth walkers, who being very angry since a small fish dared to challenge them, sent the monster of the great mouth which swallowed everything that swam in its path.The Koi Fish legend: a wonderful tail

They didn’t count on that the Koi fish had a very small size and for that reason, he crossed the bored skin of the monster without problems.

He continued swimming upriver and suddenly the water became dark and dirty. He could not see anything and was beginning to feel bad.

The earth walkers boasted of having overcome the efforts of the little fish, when suddenly from the shore the God of Pity sent for a wind whirlwind that took away all the dirt and cleared the way for him to continue.

The Koi fish continued, he was close and he felt it on his fins. He continued and continued swimming, but something strange was happening, there was less water around him. And suddenly he came across a stone wall that rose almost to the sky. What could he do now? On the other side was the dragon portal.

Then he thought that his only chance was to jump as hard as he could, he tried and didn’t give up, even though he heard the laughter of the walkers mocking at him. Again and again he threw his body into the air to fall back into the water.

He was so tired that he even seemed that the wall was much taller. But the little koi fish never gave up.

The God of the Waters who was watching him, excited because of his courage, wanted to lend him a hand, since the walkers had stopped their course and despised their waters on a whim.

When the Koi fish gathering all the remaining forces was preparing for the last jump, the God of the Waters called the waves and his jump rose to reach the top and be able to pass to the other side towards the Grand Cascade of the Blue River .

And so since the little Koi fish never gave up he could jump to the other side of the portal and disappearing into the fog he was reborn as a beautiful Dragon Fish. At night you can see the small fish splashing happily through the waters of the great Blue River.

And from that day whenever another fish finds strength, courage and perseverance as the little Koi fish did to go upstream, overcoming his difficulties, he is rewarded with the metamorphosis and transformed into a beautiful Dragon Fish.

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