Silverfish: Learn all about these striking and very sought fish in aquariums

Meet below some species of Silverfish a beautiful and striking color of some fish that make them very sought by the aquariums’ lovers. So, don’t miss this chance to keep becoming a true aquariums expert.

silverfish: Spotfin Hatchetfish

Silverfish are very popular and represent an excellent option for aquariums. If you really want to have one of them you must know them first, as well as the care that you must provide to these beautiful fish. Remember that any beautiful aquarium requires striking fish and their proper care.

Silverfish: Spotfin Hatchetfish (Thorcocharax stellatus)

Spotfin Hatchetfish belong to the Gasteropelecidae family. They are fish with radiated fins from South and Central America that are very popular among fishing enthusiasts.

Their most obvious and distinctive traits are their enormously enlarged sternal region as wells as their large pectoral fins and extraordinarily powerful muscles that represent up to a quarter of their total body weight.

The fast blows of their pectoral fins allow them to get out of the water and to slide along the surface, due to such skills to fly and jump. The aquariums employed for these beautiful fish must have a hermetically sealed cover to prevent them from escaping.

let’s watch them

Silverfish: Bala Sharks (Balantiocheilus melanopterus)

Don´t be fooled by the word «shark». The name of these native fish from Malay Peninsula, Sumatra and Borneo is derived solely from their rigid vertical triangular dorsal fin and their torpedo-shaped bodies, which make them resemble these fierce and predatory oceanic fish. Bala Sharks aren’t shark at all despite their imposing size and don’t tend to be aggressive.

They are ideal fish for community aquariums and can even live with smaller fish. In addition, they are quite resistant and easy to feed, being a good option for an amateur not so experienced that can provide them right environment.

In the wild, they can grow up to 35 cm, although they are a little smaller in the aquarium, where they usually don’t exceed 25 centimeters in length. They enjoy the company of a few of their own class and must stay in groups of at least. we invite you to read our article bala sharks to learn more about such a topic

Silverfish: Silver Moony (Monodaotylus argenteus)

Silver Moony is a common name given to several species of tropical fish belonging to the family Characidae that is closely related to the Piranha (internal link) and the pacú. They are native to South America, have a circular body and are very popular among fish lovers. These Beautiful silver fish are a peaceful species that spend most of their time at the mid-high level of the aquarium. Their maximum lifespan is about ten years.

The Silver Moony is very popular and can be easily seen in any aquarium in the world. It was discovered in the Tapajas River basin, a river that flows into the Amazon through Brazil. It’s  a peaceful and very sociable species, although sometimes they tend to have an aggressive and dominant attitude especially towards smaller species.

They live in tropical climates on the sides of the rivers. They prefer water with a pH of 5-7, a water hardness of up to 15 dGH, and their ideal temperature ranges from 24-28 ° C (75-82 °f). Their diet is almost exclusively vegetarian and in captivity they often eat all the plants in a tank. However, they will also eat small worms and insects

No doubt that mother nature never stops offering awesome things…. it’s up to us to preserve them and enjoy them resposibly


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