Dream of fish: What do they mean?

Today we will tell you the meaning of dream of fish; dreams allow us to awaken creativity and help us find answers to certain aspects that we may not find awake. Most of the time we fail to remember exactly what we dream, but when we do, interpreting dreams can be the best guide at any given time.

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How to know what a dream means? 🐠

According to Freud, dreams serve to communicate everything that the conscious mind cannot accept.  Desires that the unconscious don’t  want to recognize and that for this reason appear in dreams represented symbolically. That is, dreams are the way of expressing repressed desires that the person has.

«Dreams are the first link in a series of psychic formations (…) their value is more theoretical than practical and can help us explain the genesis of phobias, neuroses and obsessive ideas (…) Each dream is revealed as a meaningful formation to which a precise place in conscious activity can be assigned » Sigmund Freud

This adapted fragment of his book gives us an idea of the main axis of his theory: for Sigmund Freud, dreams are an expression of the subconscious world and that the motivation of this dream activity is the fulfillment of the instincts and desires that have not been fulfilled  yet.  That is, they are attempts by the unconscious to satisfy and resolve what has not been carried out consciously.

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What does it mean to Dream of Fish? 🐠

In general, dreaming of fish represents a form of freedom; of being able to find a lost horizon. It’s related to advancing at any angle of life without there being any obstacle that stops that step as fish do in the immense ocean.

All dreams with fish have a motive for entrepreneurship, adaptation, relaxation and changes..

Dreaming of fish will determine an unfinished situation that takes new projections, new paths and horizons to discover.

In any case, one must go beyond what is really seen with the naked eye, try to investigate deeply in dreams and make them take a proper path, without precipitation or fear, only with certainty and firmness.

Dreaming of fish is a sign of luck in the famous world of dreams, usually representing the entry of good news, as well as predicting new fortunes.

Interpretation of Dreams according to Sizes and Shapes 🐠

There are many varieties of fish and according to the size or shapes that fish manifest in the dream, a variety of interpretations can be generated, the meanings of these types of dreams are described below according to their characteristics:

Dream about big and strange fish 🐠

Dreaming of large and strange fish such as sailfish or marlin, is a symbol that troubled times come full of doubts and worries.

Those dreams tell you that you have a negative situation, that you must solve quickly or it will cause you bad vibes in life.

A large fish, with long fins is a symbol of problems that lie ahead without thinking, they are hidden fears that you must solve or face, these dreams are the product of having certain unresolved ideas in your conscience, therefore, this should be a signal to take the reins and straighten the path.

Dream of small fish 🐠

If the dreams are with tropical fish, it’s a sign of new times and positive changes. These dreams are related to opening closed doors, to filling the life of hopes and joys that are to come in the near future.

This type of dreams speaks of new chapters with good stories, means peace and happiness at home, at work and in everything you want to undertake.

By dreaming that these fish swim, you are unleashing of the potential of your  consciousness, and it’s said that it’s the ideal time to choose the best way to continue and to embark on the path to happiness. They are dreams that help you to leave bad thoughts and make new decisions.

To dream that the big fish eats the little fish 🐠

This meaning is related to the certainty that you know perfectly the realities of your life. By dreaming about that scene, you are demonstrating that you want to overcome all obstacles, that despite things do not happen easily, you can keep moving forward.Dream of fish: always keep fighting

Knowing that you are surrounded by envy, and greed can overcome all that small inconvenience, the most interesting thing is that you are well oriented towards where the road is.

This dream is applied in all aspects of your life.

Deciphering dreams with specific fish 🐠

This section is dedicated to dreams where specific species of fish appear, such as the dolphin, the Betta fish, the shark, the stone fish and the flying fish, whose interpretations can provide very interesting meanings, which will be described in detail below. :

Dream with dolphins 🐠

In order to decipher the dreams, the most important thing is to know the magnitude of the fish, if the fish are large but they are dolphins, it means that the problems are greater but can be solved quickly and satisfactorily.

Dolphins are signs of good actions that come into your life, they are problems that can be solved quickly, therefore, worries will be momentary, remember that there is no problem without solution. The dolphin wants to let you know that it’s you who determines each fall and each start of the race, so get up and continue.

To Dream with sharks 🐠

If dreams are with big fish like sharks, you are at the gates of extreme conflicts that  will be difficult for you to miss.

It implies that the size of the problem is of great magnitude, which can lead to serious complications that may take time to resolve.

But do not be discouraged, the most interesting thing is that by being able to decipher these dreams you can be at the doors of making great changes in your personal, work life or perhaps in the love field, in the relationship, in relationships with children or relatives.

Likewise, dreaming of a shark also means power in the decisions you have to make and wants to let you know that it’s time to take new directions with those decisions.

Those who have the gift to interpret dreams agree that dreaming about betta fish is related to resurrection and fertility.

It’s a dream that hides a lot of mystery about the meanings and so that you can be aware of it, we have prepared this article.

Dreaming of small Betta fish 🐠

Dreaming of a small betta fish means that the person may feel trapped in a situation where they have not found a way out for a long time. It can be interpreted as the need to ask for help in other people and for that a change towards a more humble attitude is required.

Dreaming of big Betta fish 🐠

This manifestation is quite different from the previous one, in this case the dream predicts prosperity and success even the possibility of getting a promotion or the solution to the problems that you had been looking for so much

Dreaming of Betta fish eating 🐠

When a betta fish appears eating in your dream ,it could mean that someone special is about to arrive in your life, someone who can generate some changes in it and influence you in the emotional field. It’s time to forget shyness and open to meet new people.

Dreaming of Dead Betta fish 🐠

When the betta fish appears dead in your dream, contrary to what you might believe, it means that you are closer to getting that for what you have fought so hard; It’s a clear sign that you should continue adding efforts in order to achieve your goal and avoid things that can divert your attention from the goal.

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Dream of a Stone fish 🐠

Dreaming of a stone fish is undoubtedly a sign of danger, it’s something that is happening in your life or is about to happen and is totally dangerous. It implies that you may be on the verge of certain risks that may lead you to make fatal mistakes in life.

Therefore, the conscience tells you to get out of that circle where you are stuck, it’s time to make decisions, to leave behind all those fears and return to the right path.

The most important thing to decipher this type of dreams with ugly marine animals, (almost monsters), is to be able to indicate the danger you are running and to be able to reverse a misfortune that can mark your life forever.

They are dreams that more than problems provide satisfactory solutions and solutions, it’s good to dream, but it’s better to know how to decipher your dreams. We invite you to read our article stone fish to learn about this incredible creatures

Dream of flying fish 🐠

There is nothing more comfortable than dreaming of flying fish; It means that you are giving meaning to your life, it’s a sign of running after your dreams and goals, it’s being able to build the missing link, they are very good signs that bring new expectations to be fulfilled.

This type of dreams invites you to create new realities, great events, transform projects, make trips, be able to make-up  a family, be able to strengthen a friendship, they are strength issues that this dream wishes to let you know that you must realize.

Dream of flying fish that can’t take flight 🐠

This dream is quite similar in its interpretation of dreaming of sick fish, this dream is not bad, it’s that you must take the reins of what you are undertaking and move forward as well as fight for what you have planned without looking back.

Even if the fish cannot take flight, you have been able to overcome with your creativity the adversities that have been placed on your path and you will be able to continue moving forward through this dream.

This dream, like dreaming of sick fish, brings you the parameters you needed to start your flight, he can’t fly, but you will and you will get very high.

Dream of Colored Fish 🐠

When dreaming of fish of many colors you are in one of the best stages of your life. The interpretation of colors in dreams can be taken as a representation of the following:

✔️    Joy.

✔️   New news.

✔️   Reconciliations in different planes.

✔️   Completion of projects.

✔️  Start of new roads.

It’s a sign of new ways of life, new loves, means the entrance of extra money, it’s a renewed panorama full of health, peace, harmony, pleasant things.

Dreaming of blue, gold, silver or brightly colored fish in any form is a positive sign in all areas.

For example, dreaming of blue fish reveals a crucial stage full of energy, prosperity, harmony, it’s about finding new facets, you will be oriented to follow up on this dream.

Therefore, dreaming of colored fish is a clear sign that you are living a very special stage full of optimism, joy, arrival of good news and prosperity.

Not only this, you also find yourself in perfect harmony with yourself. You are discovering facets of yours that you like and that you didn’t even know you could have.

Dream of fish of many bright colors 🐠

There is nothing compared to dreaming of tropical fish of thousands of colors, it’s one of the most wonderful things that can happen to you in life, it means the most desired changes you may have had and that will come true, it’s a new life full of Victories with nice people and good living.

It’s a warning that you should prepare yourself and not miss any of the opportunities that will be presented to you. New businesses will come from which you will get great fortunes.

That car you were about to get will be yours in a short time, the house you wanted to buy and you lacked money will no longer be a dream because you will get all the benefits to get that and other properties.

The family that is far looking for new challenges and horizons may return because you can help them to bear the burdens they had, it will be a nice future, the best thing that can happen to you in life is to dream of fish of thousands of bright colors and you swimming with them.

Dream you like Colored Fish 🐠

 It’s a signal that drives you to move forward, to fight for your goals, your goals and projects, that there will be nothing and no one that can make you give up on your dreams.

This is a pretty good dream, it’s about you thinking about giving continuity to everything you’ve postponed, it’s time to get up and make the best and fastest decisions.

It means moving on the road, not stopping to look at little things, move on and succeed.

Dreaming of Orange fish 🐠

It’s an augury that new people will appear in your life and that there will be favorable episodes, maybe you are already thinking about making those changes that necessarily have to be taken at some point in your life, take advantage of this moment.

Dreaming of orange fish (like gold fish )tells you that it’s time to make those decisions that have cost you so much to make but that the final time always comes, and if they are pleasant situations, welcome.!

The orange color in the fish is good vibes, so be prepared to receive very nice news.

Dream of White Fish 🐠

Dreaming of white fish is a wonderful sign that things are on track. If you have a relationship with someone, this is aimed at happiness and in the case of not having a partner you will be close to getting it.

It’s considered that dreaming of white fish is one of the cleanest dreams, it’s surrounded by an aura that prognostic, purity of soul and heart, is the inspiration of the deepest and deepest feelings.

It’s normal that at any moment of your life you can have a dream with fish without having named it, without having seen it, much less eaten, it’s precisely that mystery that involves dreaming of fish, in one way or another.

Interpretation of Dreams According to the Environment 🐠

The dreams in which fish appear aren’t  only determined by their species, shapes and colors, but also by the water that contains them. This section offers interpretations for fish that are in a variety of environments, according to which their meaning varies:

Dream of live fish out of water

Dreaming of live fish out of water is the meaning of great projects that you have in mind; It’s the power to want to make big investments in the business and big dreams to fulfill.

The implicit meaning of dreaming of live fish out of water is to give free rein to positive thoughts and satisfactorily solve everything you have in mind.

It means that it’s the right time for changes. It’s a true sign of positive changes full of strength and vigor that you will have to take to stop the bad radiation that surrounds you.

Dreaming of fish inside the sea

It’s the most beautiful symbol of full freedom, of greatness, of great hopes, of a clean heart, of the purity of people and of encountering new situations full of tranquility and much peace.

These dreams are accompanied by the immensity of the sea that represents the force of the universe placed at your feet, it’s the right time to take it and make it a source of living water for you.

It’s about being now or never, you can’t stop to think what to do, just make the decisions that are and face the consequences that result from them.

Dreaming of fish in a river

These types of dreams can be interpreted as being on light paths, which require solving problems immediately, are key thoughts at the right time and indicated, does not give time to account, it’s about acting lightly. Stopping to think is to miss the opportunity that is indicated.

Health implications

These dreams also reveal crisis and transient illnesses that can affect you or someone close to you, if the fish are in constant motion it’s a sign of a relapse, if they are totally calm, you will not pass more than a scare.

Dreaming of fish in lakes

It’s a very variant and real representation of events that inspire tranquility, serenity and harmony, are fortuitous events that are latent there that you develop as time goes by.

The tranquility of this dream is given by the conscience in peace, sleeping peacefully without fear of anything, so these types of dreams are very calm and relaxing,  it’s a transparent lake full of life and living water, of which you will be part of it for you to continue.

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Dreaming of fish in a murky water pond

These are dreams that may not merit such importance, but it’s good to know that they are not pleasant, that it can be a sign that some confrontations are going on under the rope and that you have not been able to confront.

In the same way these dreams bring with them a chain of doubts that can even create a situation of discouragement due to the loss of a family member or friend. You just have to pay attention to the signs, sometimes things happen that we can’t avoid.

Dreaming of fish in a fishbowl

In reality, these dreams bring with them the presence of tiredness and a lot of stress, they can arise as a result of spending a lot of time doing the same activity and not developing in what you really want.

Dreaming of fish in a fishbowl means stagnation at work and personal level, perhaps it could extend to the spiritual level, be surrounded by selflessness that does not bring anything good with it.

When dreaming of fish in fishbowl we are facing an imprisonment of thoughts, which means that we must let these adverse feelings float and face new episodes and realities. The advice that fish want to give you in this case is that you could use a change.

Dream of dead fish

When dreams show you dead fish is a sign of adverse and conflicting situations that are coming into your life, the subconscious is not wrong.

When you dream of dead fish, it’s because you are acting in bad faith towards certain situations, you are doing improper things, even the subconscious knows that you need to guide your path and with these dreams, just try to let you know that you are on the wrong path and that you should rectify quickly.

What does it mean to dream of dead fish?

We can synthesize what it means to dream of dead fish in search of new doors and get out of that roll of problems and ill-intentioned gossip that only disturb your life.

Suddenly it’s a love failure that is in perspective, when you know that something bad is about to happen, but you do not dare to face it.

Dream of dead fish in large quantities

This type of dream may be due to certain stressful situations , maybe you are going through conflicts in the work of pressures and ill-intentioned envies that try to harm your work, only by deciphering these dreams  you can resolve all those omens of tranquility bad augury.

You should not worry when dreaming of a dead fish or if they appear in large quantities in your dream, it’s about invoking new strategies and exits towards new projects, bad vibes and bad moments are passengers.

It remains only to form a source of security with optimism and march towards the final stretch.

When these dreams occur, it’s not the simple dream of a movie or a story and story, it’s about consciousness, it’s she who knows what is really happening to you and what ends you take in the actions you are going through of your existence These are the real reasons to see dead fish in large quantities in your dreams.

Dream of dead fish in dirty waters

If you see dead fish in dirty waters in your dreams, you are definitely at the doorstep of a catastrophe both on a personal and work level, it’s a warning about serious problems that you must solve.

Suddenly the subconscious speaks to you to give you a signal that you are in time to reconsider and straighten those horizons, time to change the route and take the train that will take you to a new life.

Therefore you must pay attention if you start dreaming of dead fish since they warn you before the events occur in their entirety, when the subconscious speaks to you it’s because there may be time to route to other more pleasant episodes.

Dream of dead fish in polluted waters

Dreaming dead fish in polluted water brings with it a number of negative disagreements, it’s a sign that everything you have planned is coming down, it’s a warning that something bad is about to happen, but as dreams are fair you have to take immediate forecasts and correct the course.

Perhaps this dream is only a warning, so that you realize what is needed in your life and you can straighten the reins and be able to get up and continue until the end.

Dream of rare fish

This dream tells you that you are at the beginning of achieving new situations that you will reach hidden places but you will get success in what you are going to undertake.

Rare fish bring infinities of internal secrets that are the best dreams to unveil, it’s about going beyond what your conscience has or what your subconscious has planned.

They are fortuitous and good things that will come in different aspects of your life to your life. Don’t stop. These dreams are also a sign of long journeys, of knowing new directions, of changing jobs.

Dream of sleeping fish

These dreams with sleeping fish can represent a loss of a relative, or simply a loss of something material, because it’s a symbol of changes in different scenarios, ranging from new experiences to other stages in life.

They are new changes, where one goes but another arrives. It’s practically the new evolution towards new projects, towards a renewed spiritual world.

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Dreams associated with fish 🐠

In this section we offer interpretations of dreams associated with situations that are related with fish, such as dreaming that you are fishing or buying fish, see in your dream a couple of fish that swim together, among other descriptions that will be of great help to interpret its meaning:

Dreaming of fish very often

In any case, if you are dreaming of fish very often you should ask yourself if you have been watching documentaries of the wonderful fish from the different oceans of the whole world, or maybe you are fishing for some of them.

This could be the reason for your constant dreams with these beautiful sea creatures, which never cease to bring great news to the lives of human beings.

Remember that the subconscious is storing everything until it reaches the moment that explodes through dreams, which are necessarily related to the day to day of everything we do and say, in the way we act and live.

Dreaming of a fish that escapes our hands

It represents a series of negative connotations, to dream that the fish escape from the hands is like being aware of something that we cannot solve.

There may be many reasons why these problems have not been solved, but this dream will have a positive aspect and that is that through that dream you will be able to find immediate answers and create a quick solution to the conflicts that have taken you to the extreme of thinking that it’s impossible to solve this mishap.

Dream of catching fish with your hands

Perhaps having this type of dream means that you are facing a breakdown of something that can be in the workplace, family or sentimental. It’s the sign that nothing is right, someone wants to get away from your side and you can don’thing to stop that situation.

The best thing you can do in this case is to let things flow by themselves, not press the situation or look for elements that trigger a greater evil. No matter how long it takes to resolve, just be patient and sit back and wait.

Dream of fishing fish

Once these dreams come true they are sources of good news, these are things that come and are too rewarding, or you may have plans to solve that will be ready in the blink of an eye.

When you dream of fishing for fish, the ones that are coming are totally positive. More than anything, this dream tells you that the financial projects will be as expected, that you will have new investments that will be very favorable. You will be able to upgrade, you will be able to obtain more profits It can be interpreted as a sign of prosperity and abundance.

Dream of two fish swimming together

We can decipher this type of dream in several ways, it’s about things that you may have planned with someone and have been halfway, the dream tells you that it’s time to recover that project and start it.

In the same way, I could be giving you a sign that you should no longer or cannot continue alone in your life, that you need to join someone who helps you to continue on the paths of good.

They are fish that go swimming together, that means moving forward in union, in peace, sharing with the family, valuing what you have, joining the couple you have or looking for the right one, that’s what that dream is about.

Dream of buying fish

It’s not a very encouraging dream, the meaning of this is a complex of unwanted elements that are bad to live and that don’t bring anything satisfactory.

To dream that we are buying fish is a mean and mean attitude, it means greed, greed and bad feelings that are emerging and that you should discard, it’s time to end that kind of bad feelings, attitudes and actions, it’s time to reflect and change that type of attitudes.

Dreaming of fish that bites the hook

The meaning of this dream is related to the arrival of great opportunities. It’s about how to get the best benefits in the activities you try to undertake or that you have already undertaken. It’s about moving forward and standing out before all the inconveniences, always moving forward with the truth in order to succeed.

It’s a symbol of spiritual greatness, it’s about finding a way out of problems, they are paths that open in search of improvements, it’s to be able to counteract problems and look for the best solutions. It’s a dream that although it seems bad, it’s not, it’s about starting a new stage.

Dreaming of small fish groups

It can indicate various changes that happen in our behavior, it means changes at the emotional level, and new horizons open up.

It represents a symbol of life expectancy that could manifest itself with a sudden pregnancy, it’s  a good sign, it’s about making sense of what we had already discarded.

It’s about doing light but important things that change what you’ve been doing, are favorable changes that will be noticed in your life; try to make it as clean as possible.

Dreaming of fish in clean waters of strong currents

This is a dream that means the arrival of a new member in the family, which could well be the birth of a baby, or the arrival of a distant relative, what this dream denotes is the integration of family members through the prolonged union and strong brotherhood ties.

Fish are symbolic representations full of paradigmatic hermeticism; they are animals with incredible stories that are an essential part of our universe. They have been used in different cultures representing many interesting values, sculptures and temples have been made giving symbology to fish of values ​​such as faith and tenacity.

Dreaming of fish has always been a sign of prosperity, economic and spiritual well-being, wealth and abundance. Everything will depend on how dreams are and how the fish look in that dream.

Importance of deciphering dreams with fish 🐠

It’s important to look for the meaning of dreams with fish, because it’s a way of knowing how to carry the problems that lie ahead or enjoy even more the happiness of achieving goals and performing gratifying actions.

Even when the dreams are not entirely clear, we know that it’s part of what we carry deep inside and has not been get afloat yet.

It’s dreams that don’t make us realize the things we do or stop doing.

In most cases dreaming of fish is a good thing, because they are creatures that in their natural state remain free to swim in the immensity of the bodies of water on the planet, hence when dreaming of these animals in captivity is a representation of confinement for ourselves.

Dreams are a projection of the subconscious about the circumstances of our own lives, many times they don’t have a meaning that transcends ordering the thoughts and situations experienced during the day, but on other occasions they can help us understand more about ourselves, our emotions and feelings about the world in certain circumstances.

There are even psychological therapies that induce sleep in the patient, because in this state of deep relaxation it’s possible to reach beyond true feelings and emotions, when people don’t find enough words or means to express their feelings.

Thank you for reading our article dreaming about fish, we invite you to continue discovering what the blog let’s talk about fish has for you.

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