Endangered Dolphins: What can we do to reverse this situation?

Dolphins as many other marine species, have multiple threats in their environment which make of them an endangered species.

Endangered Dolphins

Following, we list the species which face the biggest threats as well as the causes of this situation.

Irrawaddy River Dolphin

The Irrawaddy Dolphin is distributed along the coast of the Indian Ocean, from India to Indonesia. It is common to find it in the deep waters of large rivers and in  marine coastal waters protected with considerable freshwater contributions, such as mangrove areas and lagoons and partially isolated bodies of freshwater and brackish water. This dolphin is characterized by its small size in comparison to other species of dolphins. The shape of its head, its acts when spitting and its mouth rounded up, give it the appearance of a permanent smile, which makes of it a victim of the captivity industry.

In addition, it has a small triangular dorsal fin, and its pectoral fins are long and spatula-shaped. This dolphin has its skin of dark and grayish tones, although some are usually a little lighter. This species usually tends to be confused with the finless porpoise, but this animal is much smaller. The main threat for the Irrawaddy River Dolphin is given by the increase in the level of salinity in the waters

The Irrawaddy Dolphin was classified as Endangered (EN) in 2017, by the International Union of Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

Pink Dolphin

The Amazon pink dolphin  is another species of dolphin considered in risk of extinction. This dolphin lives in the main rivers, lagoons and some marshes of the upper basin of the Amazon River and part of the Orinoco River. (Venezuela)

The mercury pollution caused by the gold mining, as well as the several oil spills that are common in their environment, are the main threats for this species.

According to the data that has been collected in the last years, its population has decreased at least in 50% in the last decade.

This is undoubtedly due to the fact, that the quality of their habitat has decreased considerably reducing the resources available for this creature, in terms of food.

Reasons That Threaten Dolphin Species

To understand a little more about dolphins in danger of extinction we should analyze the main reasons, of this fact. Many studies have showed that the human beings and many of their actions, affect in negative way the environment where these creatures develop. The capture of dolphins

To have them in aquariums, and other research facilities, represent one of the main threats for this species. This type of process entails severe damage to dolphins since the capture usually causes them damage and the change of habitat can cause diseases. In addition, the chemical pollution produced by the industrial oil, metals and chemicals, has an obvious negative consequence in their habitats . Even if they do not come into contact with these substances they are also threatened because they can consume any fish that may be contaminated previously. It is also known that dolphins, as well as other marine species are commonly illegally slaughtered by fishermen around the world, to use their meat as bait for other types of fishing. According to the specialized reports to employ the meat of dolphins as bait is a very common practice in more than 33 countries. Latin America and Asia have the lead, in this regard. Finally, we must remember that the earth is our home the only one we have. We can enjoy all the wonders it offers as long as we understand that the right ecological balance must be maintained.

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