Bottlenose Dolphins: Main characteristics of these lovely creatures

The bottlenose dolphins are  one of the best-known dolphin species in the world, and they are also  known by their  scientific names Tursiops truncatus.

The intelligence and  sociability  of this specimens,  make of them   very appreciated creatures by humans.

These lovely and wonderful creatures, are scattered in all the waters around the world. Thus,  it is really easy to find them everywhere.

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Recent studies have demonstrated that these dolphins employ their vocalizations skills, to assign a sort of  acoustic name to the other ones. They employ whistles, which are one of their vocalization elements, for this purpose.

Main Characteristics of the Bottlenose Dolphins

Now, it is time to learn more about these lovely creatures


The bottlenose dolphins can measure up to 2 to 4 meters long, and weigh between 150 and 650 kilograms. Their internal temperature is 36 degrees, and they usually prefer warm and tropical waters.bottlenose dolphins anatomy

Because of the characteristics of their bodies,  they become great swimmers, reaching   speeds up to 32 kilometers per hour.

The caudal fin located in  their tails, provides them  excellent swimming skills,   while the rear fins coordinate the direction.

As any other dolphins, the bottle nose  breathe outside   the water,  although they have the capacity to be more than 15 minutes underwater at  depths  of more than 260 meter.  Then, they emerge again to the surface,  to breathe through the spiracle, located  in their  heads.

These dolphins lack of vocal cords,  however they communicate by means of whistles and sounds ,employing the nostrils located below the spiracles ( blowholes )

Bottlenose dolphins  are quite social  creatures , that coexist in herds. First they interact with their  mothers, while he grows to hunt food he communicates with the other dolphins, and even to reproduce this male animal attracts the females with their vocalizations.

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Habitat Of  The Bottlenose Dolphins

These dolphins are usually distributed in seas and oceans around the world,   especially in those places where the environment provides them with food.

However,  the tropical waters are often their most common location,  where they usually find the small species they feed on.

Regarding a more specific distribution, we could  mention  the Pacific, Atlantic and the Indian Ocean, as well as the numerous seas where they can be present.

Finally, it is also important to know that they can even be found in freshwaters.

Alimentation Habits Of The Bottlenose Dolphins

Since dolphins are  carnivorous marine,  they usually  feed on fish and invertebrates, located in coastal areas

For those who are in the open sea, their diet consists of squid, some small fish, eels and other species.

It is very common for dolphins, to use teamwork strategies to hunt for food, since together they go out to hunt schools of fish.

Bottlenose Dolphins and the Humans Beings

Bottlenose dolphins are commonly trained for various purposes. The Navy of the United States trains them to detect mines, protect facilities and attack enemies, among other things.

This fact is an interesting example,  about how the intelligence and echolocation skills of these creatures, are employed for different purposes.

On the other hand, the bottlenose dolphins, are commonly employed in aquariums for entertaining purposes.

However, this is a practice that should be regulated, since captivity is the main threat for this species. ( See article: dolphins)

Finally, let´s watch this illustrative video.


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