Endangered Dolphins: What can we do to reverse this situation?

Dolphins as many other marine species, have multiple threats in their environment which make of them an endangered species. Endangered Dolphins Following, we list the species which face the biggest threats as well as the causes of this situation. Irrawaddy River Dolphin The Irrawaddy Dolphin is distributed along the coast of the Indian Ocean, from … Leer más

Killer Dolphins: Cases and possible explanations of this behavior

Dolphins have many interesting characteristics, such as their high level of intelligence and the ability to socialize with their equals and other species, including humans. Even when they stay in captivity for entertainment purposes, dolphins often get along with humans once they are trained. And it is important to point out ,  that captivity is … Leer más

Vocalizations: The communication method of dolphins

It is known that in spite  that dolphins  lack of vocal cords, they can emit different  sounds or vocalizations thanks to their nasal air sacs. They employ these different vocalizations to communicate with those of the same species, even to orientate themselves by means of the echolocation. This interesting concept of echolocation, consists in emitting … Leer más

Bottlenose Dolphins: Main characteristics of these lovely creatures

The bottlenose dolphins are  one of the best-known dolphin species in the world, and they are also  known by their  scientific names Tursiops truncatus. The intelligence and  sociability  of this specimens,  make of them   very appreciated creatures by humans. These lovely and wonderful creatures, are scattered in all the waters around the world. Thus,  it is … Leer más

Dolphins: Characteristics, types, habitat, and more

Dolphins are  recognized , as one of the most intelligent animals in the world. Now let´s  learn about the main characteristics and wonders of these lovely creatures The size of the dolphins ranges between 2 and 9 meters long. We can find these cetacean animals near the coasts and  they are well known for their … Leer más