Types of Crabs: Learn all about the different crabs species.

There are many types of crabs in the world, unlike what some people may believe because they only see those that are characteristic of the beaches. These creatures are crustaceans belonging to the order Decapoda and the arthropods family, and their characteristic legs make them the largest specimens in the group to which  lobsters, shrimps and prawns belong also. Given their status … Leer más

Where do crabs inhabit?: Everything you need to know

Discover where do crabs inhabit, those funny animals that come out to greet us when we go to the beach, or when we walk along the coast, rivers, lagoons, and inlets. These friendly crustaceans that in many occasions we think that only inhabit the beaches, have in fact several habitats that we will know next. … Leer más

Ghost Crabs: Characteristics, anatomy and habitat

The ghost crabs or sand crabs are semi-terrestrial decapod crustaceans belonging to the Ocypodinae subfamily. They  are mainly white in color, although they can vary it to camouflage with their surroundings. Brief Overview of  Ghost Crabs 🦀 First described in 1860, the ghostcrabs have remained on our planet virtually unchanged since the Quaternary era, after the disappearance of the dinosaurs, evolving … Leer más

Sea Crabs: Characteristics, reproduction and much more

Today we will learn about the sea crabs, which are beautiful and very interesting crustaceans. There are more than four thousand species that we can call crabs , where besides from sea crabs, we also find crayfish and mangrove crabs. Probably some of our readers thought that they are all the same in terms of … Leer más

Dreaming about Crabs: everything you need to know.

If you want to know the meaning of dreaming about crabs, this is your chance. In fact it is very common to dream about this type of crustaceans. When we sleep, we embark on an adventure trip portraying (Retratando) our aspirations and fears. Rest hours are generally an expedition to day-to-day problems, and concerns that … Leer más

Blue Crayfish : Everything you need to know about this species

It’s time to learn about the blue crayfish  or Cheraz destructor in scientific terms, although marron and Yabie, are other common words that are used to refer to this species of crayfish Blue Crayfish´s Characteristics   This species of singular beauty has an exoskeleton whose color can vary between iridescent blue, orange or brown. All these characteristics obviously increase  … Leer más

Christmas Island Red Crabs: Characteristics, reproduction and habits

It is time to learn about  the Christmas Island Red Crabs or Gecarcoidea natalis in scientific terms, which could be  called also «the travelling crabs.» These creatures are land crabs that  are endemic to Christmas Islands and the Keeling Islands in the Indian Ocean. Moreover they are quite important in their homelands, since around 120 million individuals … Leer más

Red Crabs: Characteristics, reproduction care and more

It’s time to learn about the american red crabs or Procambarus clarkii in scientific terms. These creatures are decapod crustaceans that belong to the family of crayfish. Red Crabs Main Characteristics These animals are native to the United States, but can also be seen in other continents, where they are mostly known as an invasive … Leer más