White Clams: Characteristics, properties, habitats and more

White clams are also known as Spisula solida, this is another species that belongs to the category of Bivalves, and in turn make up the Mactridae family.

Main Characteristics Of  The White Clams

Regarding the main characteristics of  these clams,  it is important to note that this species is easy to distinguish among others;  since it has a white shell . This white armor , of triangular shape with grooves on the surface;  is the most distinctive feature of these clams. Their length is around  4 centimeters.

Usually the white clams are easily recognized, thanks to their textures, in addition of course; to  their white color.

On the other hand,  according to several studies applied to white clams; it is emphasized that these animals have the ability to isolate from the external environment,  by means of their shells, where they maintain a stable or ideal temperature required to their needs.

Therefore, white clams have a kind of hermetic closure,  where they also regulate the amount of water that enters, and the ideal amount to fulfill their vital functions.

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Reproduction Of The White Clams

White clams are considered as unisexual beings;  since they present the two sexes in separated way. On the other hand, this reproduction can be carried out , either in the spring or in the summer seasons,

As most clams,  these specimens are born being small larvae, that are kept in this state for at least 10 days or up to 15 days. Then,  they gradually develop until they reach their distinctive characteristics. For this to be possible, white clams inhabit  buried in the sand, at the beginning of their lives.


white clams . habitat The white clams are known for inhabiting  buried in the sand, especially in sandy surfaces and in the seabed. Regarding their distribution,  it is very common to find them in the countries like Norway, Portugal and part of Morocco, as well as in the Atlantic Ocean.

Now, according to several studies it is important to point out, that  white clams  inhabit in the intertidal zones, in pollution-free sands locations. So,   it is common to find them in funds of clean sand, buried about 15 to 30 centimeters in depth.


White clams are very popular worldwide, because of  their fine texture; being also a primary source of meat,  that brings a delicious flavor to several dishes. They are one the most consumed mollusks by the gastronomic industry, since in addition to  their flavor;  they are also accessible and easy to capture.


On the other hand, the high consumption of these mollusks, is also related to their properties. This species is  a reliable source of protein, which provides  around 30  grams of this nutrient per servings of 100 grams. This means that 30% of the white  clam is pure protein.

In the same way, taking the reference of 100 grams of white clams, there are also important portions of carbohydrates, 1.5 grams;  which is equivalent to 1.5%. On the other hand, they contain fat in a reflected quantity of 1 gram, which for 100 grams of white clams would be equivalent to 1% Taking into account these differences, there is no doubt that white clams represent an important source of proteins.

Now, due to their high content of proteins; the consumption of white clams, is ideal on diets  for people who want to lose weight. In the same way they  contain  other important nutrients such as iron, potassium, selenium and calcium,  being also considered as a source of B vitamins, specifically B12.

There is no doubt that consumption of white clams represent positive effects on general health due to their properties.

Regarding the above, it is important to point out ; that among the most common recipes of white clams, we find  the delicious Spanish dish known as paella. This type of clam, due to its size, is usually added to other dishes, such as accompanying rice ( main ingredient of paellas )  and soups.

Finally , let´s learn how to cook these clams…


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