Guppy fish: Characteristics, types, reproduction and more.,..

    Guppy fish are also called lebistes or million fish, although their scientific name is poecilia reticulata. They are part of the Poeciliidae family within the group [...]

Blobfish: Characteristics, habitat and courious facts…..

The blobfish or  smooth-head blobfish is known as one of the ugliest fish in the world. Its scientific name is Psychrolutes marcidus and it’s found in the depths [...]

Lusitanian toadfish: Characteristics, habits, types and more….

The Lusitanian toadfish  (Halobatrachus didactylus), is the only species of the genus Halobatrachus. It’s worth mentioning that it’s a marine fish of the Batrachoididae family which is distributed [...]

Parrot fish: Characteristics, types, habitat and more…

Parrot fish are a species that has very peculiar characteristics in addition to a somewhat strange beauty. Apart from this there is a great variety of specimens in [...]

Barreleye Fish: Characteristics, types, reproduction and more…

The Barreleye Fish  (Macropinna microstoma) is one of those animals that you must see twice to understand it, since its strange body and particular transparency will leave  your mouth [...]

Clown Anemonefish: Characteristics, types, care and more

The clown anemonefish is referred to as an anemonefish due to its symbiotic relationship with sea anemones.. We invite you to know all about these striking fish Taxonomy 🐟 [...]

Stone Fish: Types, characteristics, reproduction and more

In this article you will know everything about the stone fish, one of the most dangerous aquatic creatures, whose bite can be fatal. The stone fish belong to [...]

Groupers: Types, reproduction, benefits and more

The groupers are a group of about twenty genera of the subfamily Epinephelinae of perciform fish. Today you will learn everything about them Scientific Classification 🐟 Common Name Grouper Animalia [...]

Molly fish: Characteristics, types, care and more….

Molly fish, or just mollies, are freshwater fish from the genus Poecilia, in the Poeciliidae family. These little fish are available in many different colors and patterns and [...]

Needlefish: Characteristics, types, habitat and more…

Today we are going to talk about a unique family of fish whose different species can live in both marine and freshwater environments. It’s the needlefish: belonidae family. [...]