What Do Blue Whales Eat? : Characteristics and habits…

Blue whales are loved by many people, whose attention they catch frequently.  As a consequence they have the need to know,  what do these beautiful creatures eat.  If you are one of them, you  shouldn´t miss this article

Balaenoptera Musculus

If you wonder the meaning of the subtitle at the top , there is a simple answer; it is just the scientific name of the blue whale. It is important that we know that, to be able to handle several aspects regarding this marine mammal.  This way we won´t get confused if someone says “ I Just love , the Balaenoptera Musculus”

Now that we know its scientific name, it is necessary that we expand a little more our knowledge about the blue whale. It should be noted that it is the largest animal in the world; can you imagine seeing a 20 meter long mammal, that weighs  approximately, 180 tons ?. Moreover, there are many whales, which belong to the group of the biggest whales of the world (  , so we recommend this other article for you.

what do blue whales eat: blue whale reverseTheir color is totally blue, especially  when they are completely underwater, On the other hand, when they are on  the surface, a more opaque shade  can be observed, which is a little gray. Their belly has yellowish shades because of the amount of microorganisms that live in them.

Now, that  we know another important point about the blue whales, it is important that you know  how they get reproduced , so get up to date with everything related to them, now it’s time to talk a little about their alimentation. So, come on and enjoy all the interesting information we bring to you in this article.

The Blue Whales delight eating a small crab whichis  known as  Krill. They can consume tons and tons of them daily.  Even though, besides eating these small crustaceans, they occasionally also feed on small fish, which they eat  several times a day.

Squids are also one of the foods of the blue whale, but the only difference is that they only eat them when they are in large groups, so that they can be satisfied, without needing to search much more.

How much do the blue whales eat ?

Given the  huge size of the blue whales, which makes of them the largest animals on the planet; they can eat much more than 3 thousand tons daily.

How do their offspring feed?

The breeding of the blue whales, takes place in about a year. They always need to be with their  mother, since in one day, the baby whale can eat more than 100 tons of her breast milk.
It is for this  reason, that it is rare to see a blue whale calf alone, since they need to be with their mother for getting feed.

Watch this illustrative video, to know more about Blue Whales´Eating Strategies


Blue Whales in The World :

We have already talked a little about what do blue whales eat;  now it is important to talk about their population, in order to know if they are endangered.

Blue whale, sadly, have  been classified several times, as a species  at risk of extinction.  The disproportionate hunting of these specimens,  is the main threat that they have to face. On the other hand, their long gestation period which lasts one year; slows their reproduction, so it takes time to have new whales.  .

But    good news have emerged, since its hunting  has been banned in several places,  in order to protect this species. In many places, the

Population of blue whales has increased notoriously.

However , there are still many risks for these creatures, as for example the navigation of the ships,( see the article blue whales );  as well as the problem regarding the global warming. These issues do not help at all these  beautiful species, so we still have to take care of them; avoiding its hunting as much as possible. We should also keep in mind, that we are the main responsible of the global warming, so the more preventing  measures we take,  the better environment we will have, not only for us, but for all species of the world.

If you want to be part, of the project por saving whales….. then don´t miss this video

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