Southern Whales: Everything about these specimens

southern whales : southern whale and calf in New Zealand

Southern whales are commonly known as southern right whales, their  scientific name is Eubalaena Australis. This species belongs to  the Balaenidae family of the southern hemisphere; they are mysticetes  cetaceans, thus they have beards which help them filter the plankton and krill. Anatomy The body of the southern whales can measure between 13 and 15 … Leer más

Whales Reproduction: Main characteristics and habits

Whales make up a family of mysticetes cetaceans that only consists of four species, in two genera. These creatures have very interesting characteristics, that we will list and describe in this article; despite there are still many aspects that must be studied regarding their reproductive methods. First of all,  we should take into account ,that … Leer más

Baleen Whales: All you need to know about them…

The baleen whales  belong to the parvorder of carnivorous marine mammals; which have the main characteristic of having beards instead of teeth. This group is denominated as mysticetes in the scientific argot. In this sense, the species that belong to this group have specific characteristics, which are very  similar  for every one of them; as … Leer más

How Do Whales Breathe: Techniques and characteristics…

how do whales breathe: cetaceans

Whales along with other species ,are known for being mammals that live in the sea. To understand how they breathe we should know first,  that their anatomy has features ;which allow them to breathe air from the surface while they are swimming.  This sort of animals  are known as cetaceans, which include eighty species; divided … Leer más

Killer Whales: Characteristics, attack methods and much more…

Killer whales,  belong to the species of Odontocetes Cetaceans , Delphinidae family. They are considered as the  most feared predators  in the marine world. They  got this denomination  for being ruthless killers when it comes to hunt their prey. Another sample of  their sanguinarity, is that they  prefer to choose animals accompanied by their offspring, since it … Leer más

Gray Whales: Main characteristics of the traveler whales

The gray whales (Eschrichtius Robustus) are  mysticetes cetaceans which belong to the Eschrichtiidae family. Let´s learn everything about them. According to the information available, this species has an acceptable state of conservation,  so, they are not considered a species at risk of extinction. They are one of the medium-sized whales that only inhabit the northern area of … Leer más

Types of Whales: Names, characteristics and more…

types of whales: orcas and glacial waters

Whales are creatures loved by many people , but  listing or describing all types of whales that exist in the world, is not an easy task.  They live in the ocean at different depths, and  their weight  can reach up to 120 tons.  Their  length varies according to the species. Now we invite you to … Leer más