Weddell Seals: All you need to know about these lovely creatures.

We invite you to learn about the Weddell seals, which are also known by their scientific name Leptonychotes weddellii. These unique creatures are carnivorous mammals, belonging to the pinniped superfamily. It should be noted that the name of this species was attributed, in honor to the english navigator and seal hunter Sir James Weddell (24 … Leer más

Southern Elephant Seals: Characteristics,habitats reproduction and more

We invite you to meet the southern elephant seals which are the biggest seals in the world. These huge and interesting creatures are also known as giant seals or Mirounga Leonie in scientific terms. Southern Elephants Seals´ Main characteristics This creature is one of the two species of sea elephants, being the Mirounga angustirostris or … Leer más