What do Seahorses Eat?

The seahorses receive that name due to  the shape of their head,  which is very similar to those of  horses. They belong to the category of hippocampus, and  there are  fifty or more species  according  to estimates. Know What do Seahorses Eat


Knowing about their alimentation habits is  something really interesting, and that’s the reason why we are  talking  about this topic; but there is  something you need to know first…

Know What do Seahorses  Eat

Something very intriguing about seahorses is, that every one of them has a kind of Crown on their head, which is different for each specie,  none resembles the other, which is something amazing. It is necessary that you learn and know a little  more about the characteristics of the freshwater seahorses.

We know a little more about seahorses, now it is time to know What do Seahorses Eat

What do They Eat?

The biggest  portion   of    seahorse’s  diet , is based mostly  in the consumption of shrimps, plankton (tiny organisms   floating  in salt water), and crustaceans.   They  don’t  have teeth,   thus they have to eat their prey  entire  .

Having eyes with independent movement,  allows   to recognize  the perfect snack for them.  It should be noted that small crustaceans  constitute  the main portions of seahorses’  alimentation

what do seahorses eat

The large snout  they possess,   helps them eat with ease  and slowly,   thus ., they  can  spend much of the time eating,  in order to enjoy  their snacks.

As creatures that  can be incorporated seamlessly with the environment,  they take advantage of this  ability  to  wait calmly  and unnoticed  the arrival of their food.

When a seahorse has its  prey, it is almost impossible that it can escape, that is to say,  they can eat  and  enjoy  their food slowly, as they  tend to do.

A  very interesting characteristic of seahorses, is that they have no stomach, this is the reason  why they eat almost all the time, its digestion occurs immediately after eating. This  answers to the concerns of many people  about seahorses.

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