Artificial Reefs:  Everything  you should  know

Most people do not have the slightest idea about the importance of artificial reefs, therefore  today we’ll talk about everything you need to know about them.

Artificial Reefs

Things you Didn´t know about Artificial Reefs

The protection of animals and plants  (marine species in this case), is paramount in these days, so is it for many people. Artificial reefs were created , in order to contribute with the preservation of  these species.

Artificial reefs were created specifically to provide dwelling for all marine animals.  They are built with different materials, such as, metal, plastics among others.

Different kind of plants can be arranged in artificial reefs such as algae, corals, among others. But that isn’t everything, they also provide food and protection for    fish and other marine species.

In the following video you will  see an artificial reef a wonderful structure that can only be found at the bottom of the sea, and many people did not know  what they represent for plants and fish.


An artificial reef is  an armor , which helps in the conception of new marine lives,  what makes them very useful, since they  reduce  men’s  pressure  on  natural reefs.

The Artificial reefs provide  alternate locations for fishing or diving, which are common and popular activities in the sea, many people like them ,  but they have  no idea , that thanks to artificial reefs , they can practice their pastime with more  freedom .

Another benefit that must be highlighted is that thanks to  artificial reefs , illegal fishing has declined significantly  , since fishing nets usually get  jammed     and broken  in reefs,   , and this is the main reason why illegal catch has dropped  in a large quantity .

Any  improvement   made to an  artificial reef is  always profitable,  and results are noticed quickly, the population of marine life grows, that is to say, that visits of tourists  grow quickly, since many of them are attracted, by the diversity of marine life found in the bottom of the sea.

Differences between naturals and artificial reefs

It  is almost impossible  to differentiate  an artificial reef  from a  natural one,  since it is so full of life, that usually goes unnoticed.  Once  different  forms of life adhere to an artificial reef ,  –  it becomes  even more difficult  to see the difference between both of them, , only experts  on the subject,   could  notice that it is an artificial reef.

Artificial reefs are conceived and created, especially for scuba diving, so that people, who engage in that activity, get impressed about all the wonders  under the sea.  Due to the benefits they  bring to all marine life,  they  have been acquired in several locations  , in order  to provide better life conditions,  for  fish and other species.

They can also be placed to populate the fishing areas and to create new species of fish. Artificial reefs have been placed in Venezuela, Philippines and United States, among other locations.

Solution for Marine Life

Many people think that  artificial reefs, can be the best solution  to improve once and for all, the marine life. The  truth is that it  only depends on the proper use , since otherwise, rather than keep away fishermen ;   being badly used  ,  they will generate much marine life, but  will not have the ability to entangle the fishing nets.

Wrecks are commonly used as artificial reefs, but they can generate  a big danger, especially for all those divers who do not have the right instructions, to practice this activity.

Obsolete vessels can dip to be deployed as artificial reefs. They must be free of elements that may be toxic to the sea. They may not   be painted or  own facilities.

It can be concluded that artificial reefs generate good things to marine life, but nothing like the natural, since they are the true riches which possess the seas.

There are also  Coral Reefs , you just have to investigate a little more, to know everything about them.

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