Killer Dolphins: Cases and possible explanations of this behavior

Dolphins have many interesting characteristics, such as their high level of intelligence and the ability to socialize with their equals and other species, including humans.

Even when they stay in captivity for entertainment purposes, dolphins often get along with humans once they are trained.

And it is important to point out ,  that captivity is the most stressing situation for this species.

However, there are also killer  and dangerous dolphins,  and the proper precautions must be taken with these species.

In 1990 a large-scale deaths of dolphins and other marine mammals were discovered globally.  This fact resulted in the beginning of several investigations, in order to establish the possible causes, and it was determined that bottlenose dolphins were the responsibles.

Now let´s go deeply into this topic

Most Common Cases Of Killer Dolphins

Following, we list the most common cases of this weird behavior

Murders to other species

The dolphins must kill other species to eat them.

But there also cases where they apply violence ,  that goes beyond the need of food.

We have  the case of the bottlenose dolphin, which according to several evidences have attacked  and murdered smaller species, but in a brutal way.

The victims  of these attacks have been found with fractured jaws, and the whole body destroyed.

This type of murder is carried out without no apparent reason.

Murders to their own offspring

Besides of murdering  different smaller species, there are  also  impressive cases where they have murdered their young offspring.

This contradicts the information about them,  which are characterized  by living peacefully  in herds, and also by being quite protective of their offspring.

However some male dolphins have developed different behaviors,  and in some cases  they have even killed their own offspring, and the reasons for this are not known for sure.

The specialists affirm that  there are two possible reasons.

In first place the male may confuse its offspring with another species, and in second place they could kill their offspring  in order to force the female to get pregnant again. It is good to know, that as well as human beings, dolphins also have sex for pleasure. See article ( Dolphins. Characteristics, types, alimentations habits and more.)

. There are  other theories that include territorial clashes and feuds over food resources. But food is not in short supply and the victims are not just chased away but pursued to the death. So, there are still many questions about this topic.

There are undergoing studies about this uncommon  and disturbing behavior of the dolphins, which results could unveil the mysteries related to these attacks.

Murder of offspring of other marine animals

Besides the previous cases, it should be noted that the dolphins are also murderers  without reason, of the offspring of other marine species.killer dolphins: sharks

Their most common victims  are small young sharks. The reasons of this  trend are not totally known,  since  to satisfy their hunger is not their main objective, apparently they do it for pleasure.

Researchers on the subject have concluded that this is about avoiding competition when hunting, although this theory is not confirmed.

Some specialists have pointed out that there is a possibility that some type of virus affects these dolphins, but this is not totally confirmed.

In the meantime, we just have to be on alert, and to wait for the results of all the undergoing studies.

Finally let´s  watch this video about dolphin´s killing stratedies



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