Amazon Pink Dolphin: A wonderful southamerican tale

Not everyone knows the peculiar legend of the Amazon pink dolphin, much less they are aware that this type of cetacean exists, but it does, and it lives in the rivers of South America.

The Amazon dolphin is no more than a peculiar freshwater dolphin, considered one of the largest in the world. They tend to live alone, although they can also live in pairs especially when they have offspring. Many mysterious legends have been attributed to it, and in spite of its large size and peculiar characteristics, many inhabitants of the area don´t dare to hunt it as it is considered an animal with special powers.

Different Legends And Myths

There are many legends and myths about the Amazon pink dolphin, because  every town has different versions of this story. One of the most common tells that the pink dolphin was a young indigenous warriorand  one of the gods envied all his masculine attributes and decided to condemn him to live in the rivers of the Amazon transforming him into a dolphin.

What The Indigenous Say.

The natives say that this legend has already happened, on several occasions.  They assure that the pink dolphin turned into an attractive man and an insatiable lover, approaches the shore dressed completely with white clothes and with a straw hat that covers his head; they say that under this hat they hide the only characteristic that shows them as dolphins and is the orifice through which they breathe.

amazon pink dolphin the legend


Other Legends

Not only the legend of the Amazonian pink dolphin as a handsome young man, is the one that roams  the villages, it is said that during the festivities of the month of July, several young men dressed in white and wearing straw hats leave the river bank; and while the townspeople get drunk and enjoy the parties, those young people men  talk to the women and seduce them.

It is said that they seek to say nice things to the young ladies, so that they fall in love, then they propose a walk along the river and just the next day the girls of the town cannot remember anything of what happened. The most impressive part of the legend is that they are pregnant.

But remember, that it´s just a legend.

Another of the myths tells that women shouldn’t  be by the river or mounted in their respective canoes when they are on their days of menstruation, as the old villagers say that this causes the visit of the dolphin that get them pregnant immediately.

The City  Of  Encante

This is another legend related to these dolphins. The native say that anyone swimming alone in the river, will be taken to an underwater city called Encante. The worst thing? This is non-return travel!


The pink dolphins are considered as the guardians of the marine animals also known as sea cows. If you want to find this weird creature you need first to become friend of a pink dolphin. As a result of all these legends, many inhabitants of the area have accredited these dolphins for the paternity of children who are without parents in the region, and in many cases they have known children who have been presented at the notary as children of the dolphin Pink of the Amazon.

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