Teleost fish: Characteristics, types, reproduction and more…..

The category of teleost fish gathers all those who are part of the three infraraclasses  of the Teleostei, which in turn belong to the Actinopterygii class. “It includes [...]

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The Atlantic Wolffish is one of the many fish  that take their name from other animals that keep a certain resemblance with them or share common characteristics. Let’s [...]

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There are two types of bat fish, those belonging to the family Ogcocephalidae and the members of the Ephippidae family. Although batfishes are taken regularly in commercial fishing [...]

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The blue fish also called tailor or snapper, is the only member of the family Pomatomidae (order Perciformes). Learn why he is one of the favorite fish by [...]

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The Chaetodontidae family or butterfly fish are a group of conspicuous marine tropical fish. Found mostly in Atlantic, Indian and Pacific reefs, they are somewhat small, 12 to [...]

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The totoaba or totuava (Totoaba macdonaldi) is a species of marine fish, a very large member of the drum family Sciaenidae that is endemic to the Gulf of [...]

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The lizard fish or California Lizardfish fish are members of the Synodontidae family which in turn is also part of the Aulopiformes order. These creatures belong to the [...]

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Today you will know a species of fish very controversial to the liking of some and totally unpleasant for others. The latter is not due to the fish [...]

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One of the most popular fish in aquariums is the Black tetra  fish (Gymnocorymbus Ternetzi) which is highly recommended for beginners since it’s a very resistant fish, has [...]

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The Giant tiger prawn,  Asian tiger shrimp  or  Penaeus monodon in scientific terms, is a large species that is normally found in the Sea of Japan; although sightings [...]