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Killer whales,  belong to the species of Odontocetes Cetaceans , Delphinidae family. They are considered as the  most feared predators  in the marine world. They  got this denomination  for being [...]

Gray Whales: Main characteristics of the traveler whales

The gray whales (Eschrichtius Robustus) are  mysticetes cetaceans which belong to the Eschrichtiidae family. Let´s learn everything about them. According to the information available, this species has an acceptable state [...]

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The Green Seaweed or Chlorophyta are characterized by having chlorophyll a and b; which  give originates their color. They also possess carotenoids and xanthophylls, which protect their cells from insolation. There [...]

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The Red Seaweed or Phylum Rhodophyta, is an important group of seaweed that includes about 7,000 species. They are characterized mainly by having a reddish coloration and by [...]

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