Machas Clams: Characteristics, habitat, threats and more

The machas clams are also known in scientific terms as Mesodesma donacium. This is another bivalve mollusk that belongs to the Mesodesmatidae. The machas are native from South [...]

Oysters: All you need to know about the fancy clams

The oysters are also bivalves , that have the capability to produce pearls inside their bodies. These pearls are merely nacre spheres, which are worldwide recognized as gems   [...]

White Clams: Characteristics, properties, habitats and more

White clams are also known as Spisula solida, this is another species that belongs to the category of Bivalves, and in turn make up the Mactridae family. Main [...]

Giant Clams: Everything about the biggest clams of all

The giant clams are  also known as giant taclobo, but in scientific terms they are credited with the name Tridacna Gigas. In turn, these creatures represent another species [...]

Clams: Characteristics, properties, reproduction and more

If you are one of those people who just like marine species, you have surely had more than once clams on your plate. Now, it’s time to know [...]

Carril  Clams: Main characteristics of the most popular clam

Surely you have already tasted a delicious Carril  Clams  dish ; but how do you know if they were really those, and not some slugs clams , or [...]

Geoduck Clams: Everything you need to know about them

Geoduck Clams are also known as chiluda, or king clams and their scientific name is Panopea generosa. This is a sort of clam  recognized as a marine bivalve mollusk; which [...]

Beluga White Whale: Characteristics of the most lovely whale in the world

The beluga white whale is a type of toothed whale,  known scientifically as Delphinacterus Leucas.  Its name comes from the Russian «beluhka» which means white whale, and «bel’ji» [...]

Humpback Whales: Characteristics, customs and much more

The humpback whales or  Megaptera novaeangliae in scientific term, belong to the category of toothed whales. They are easily identified from others whales ,due to the hump they have on their [...]

Minke Whales: Everything you should know about them…

The Minke Whales are known as the smallest type of baleen whales. They belong  to the Balaenopteridae family. This species of whale is the one that most abounds  [...]