Glass Squids: Main facts about these stunning creatures.

The glass squids belong to the family Cranchiidae , and they are also known as cranch squids.  These  strange and flashy creatures; deserve all the attention you can give [...]

Flying Squids: Everything you need to know about them

The flying squids  are  also known by the names of the Japanese flying squids, Japanese common squids or Pacific flying squisd, but in scientific terms, it is named [...]

Yellowfin Tuna: Characteristic, properties, benefits and more

The yellowfin tuna has the scientific name Thunnus Albacares, and it can be found  in tropical seas all over the world, just as the red or common tuna [...]

Common Tuna: Characteristics, properties, threats and more…

The common tuna has the scientific name Thunnus Thynnus, or as it is also known in other places of the world bluefin tuna, red tuna or patudo; as they usually call it [...]

Bonito Fish: Characteristics, habitat, properties and more

The bonito fish, which means beautiful fish in Spanish, or bonito from the Atlantic Ocean; is a species that is very similar to the white tuna. In fact many [...]

Giant Tuna: Everything you should know about this species

The giant tuna is also renowned as Atlantic blue fin tuna or giant red tuna; but this animal is known in the same way by its scientific name as [...]

Tuna Fish: Characteristics, properties, habitat and more

Tuna fish, is also known by its scientific name of Thunnus.  About 12 species  that inhabit in the Ocean; comprise this genera. These fish are  located in a [...]

FreshWater Clams: Characterisctics, reproduction, behavior and more

The freshwater clams are long-lived mollusks, that can reach up to 10 years of life. They are, as any of the other species of  clams, bivalve mollusks which have [...]

Machas Clams: Characteristics, habitat, threats and more

The machas clams are also known in scientific terms as Mesodesma donacium. This is another bivalve mollusk that belongs to the Mesodesmatidae. The machas are native from South [...]

Oysters: All you need to know about the fancy clams

The oysters are also bivalves , that have the capability to produce pearls inside their bodies. These pearls are merely nacre spheres, which are worldwide recognized as gems   [...]