Firefly Squids: Everything you need to know about them

The firefly squids are probably the most beautiful squids of all. Their wonderful appearance is the main reason of this fact. So, it is time to  learn more about them.

The firefly squids are bioluminescent creatures, since they have ligh-producing organs  called photophores.  This feature makes of them a stunning spectacle for those who have the good luck to see them in the sea, since they turn on a sort of blue lights, causing this way  an incredible effect.

Main Features Of The Firefly Squids

As far as the previously mentioned photophores, they can be located at the end of the tentacles, as well as in the head, mantle and arms of these animals. The photophores  make the firefly squids look as if they had neon lights all over their bodies. The bioluminescent effect is also employed by these squids to attract their preys

The firefly squid is small species, which reaches 8 cm in length at most. It has 8 arms and two tentacles. .

Habitat Of The Firefly Squids

These squids live mainly in the Bay of Toyama,  which is located in Japan. The presence of these striking  creatures in this Bay, makes this location looks so beautiful at night
They normally inhabit at depths of 300 meters,  but in four specific months of the year, the waves drive the firefly squids to the surface. As a result, they become easy preys  for the fishermen. The months  to which we refer are from March to June.

firefly squids in Toyama Bay


Reproduction Of The Firefly Squids.

These squids gather to fertilize and drop their eggs between the months of March and June.

This fact attacks a lot of tourists since  it is really spectacular to see them, and nobody wants to miss this moment.

Communication of the Firefly Squids

This exhibition of lights makes specialist speculate and think, that it complies several functions which we list below:

  • It can be for communicating among them or to avoid enemies.
  • It can be used to flee from predators and to confuse them.
  • They probably also use their bioluminescence to attract their prey.

Firefly Squids In Japaneese Gastronomy

In addition to the lighting show they perform, the firefly squids are also considered a delicacy in Japan. They have many ways to prepare them, but one of the most common are: raw and grilled.

Even there are people who only take off their heads, and eat them completely fresh. Thus, they enjoy this dish in many ways.

All this information has been conceived for those who don´t have the opportunity to observe them live, so this way they can learn about this squid ..

We hope you can take advantage of this article about the biggest proud of Bay of Toyama in Japan.

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